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Advice for those going to college!

In life we have many expectations of people and always wind up underestimating their capabilities and our people around us have a way of over estimating us and misconceiving what we want!   I write this post from that standpoint of someone who flunked his GCSE’s yet got into a Top business School without SAT’s or TOEFL from a country whose native language is not English.  Not only did I get in I got 87% scholarship and shocked an entire system that was based upon assumptions.

In my days people wanted to become doctors lawyers or businessmen or women.  The reason is because they wanted to live up to their family legacy and make daddy proud.  In the early 80’s Pakistan was innocent to the fast pace of technology and life was something more meaningful but also about brand name education.  When you signed on the dotted line you defined your major and that was it.  Those days are gone because the times have changed and so have you!

83.7% of the kids today are struggling to find their inner selves and there are so many clich├ęs that one has to pick from that a brand name university or college adds to your problems.  Here is my advice to you if you want to get into a college or a university!  If you do what I suggest I guarantee that life will be kind to you and irrespective of what people think you will be happy!

  1. Define who you are and what you enjoy doing – People work because they have to work – I work because I love it.  My drive comes from the satisfaction I get each time I close a sale and to me that is the ultimate high.  Work gives me a high and I always have a smile because as I enjoy what I do the effort already comes. Forget what anyone says… find yourself, understand your abilities and have faith in your capabilities.  Do not underestimate yourself and do not overestimate the future you will have.
  2. Once you have found yourself and are deciding on what to study focus on ROI – (Return On Investment) forget the bill mummy and daddy are going to pay consider your investment in time.  You will never het that time or 4 years back so when you think of what to study you must make sure that the career path you choose will sustain you for another five years after your graduation.  Today the world changes rapidly and what new cellphone you migt want will be redundant tomorrow when you purchase it.  In my day you either went for economics medicine or law – today you can get specifications at undergraduate level so pick a field that will grow with time.  You should also understand that if you invest in a skill based degree then you will always have  fantastic job value because marketing people come and go but skilled marine biologists are a few and global warming is keeping the ones in jobs busy.
  3. If you know what career you want then write to a company that does what you want to do and ask them to work in their mailroom or in the trenches and find out about the thorns in the rosebush.  Forget money rather focus on the job at hand because this internship will either cement your love for the job or bring you the harsh reality that being a surgeon is really about blood and guts!
  4. Forget chasing after what the crowd is going for.  What is right for your buddies or the coolest kid in class will and might not be what you want to do.  This is not about pleasing the parents and this is not about making the coolest kid in the class list.  I have seen so many un-popular kids in class who were social rejects and today are at positions in the corporate world and commanding those who laughed at them in school because they removed emotion from what their career choice was and focused on the here and now and what they wanted in the future.  Friends will leave you, enemies will stay with you and ruin you but your parents won’t so it is always advisable to sit with them and really tell them what you want to do and ask them to support you morally.  Forget asking friends (social idiots) because if you only trust your parents and ask them you might be wrong about your own assumptions about them.  If you feel they judge you then you are doing the same thing so break the circle of lies and be the adult here.
  5. Be REAL & Be GRATEFUL! Your parents have given you what they could.  Understand and appreciate that and never compare your childhood to what another parent gave their kid.  You are two different people but it’s not all about you its about what they can afford.  Also its about what you can bring to the table as it takes two hands to clap.  If you want to study abroad then focus on getting the desired grade and do NOT ask your dad for a bail out strategy in the form of cash.  Earn the respect of a college with smart work and honesty.  – Today colleges do not care about a kid with 24 A’s (basically a robot) they want to breed a human being that will add to the value of society.  Colleges have gone onto what John Lennon and wood stock was all about.  They want people who contribute positively to society.  So yes focus on grades but also build up the other areas of your life such as sports (which does not constitute to playing tennis on Nintendo Wii)
  6. You can never get what you dream about unless you start somewhere but always start at the bottom of your soul to understand what you are all about – Make a bucket list of 10 things you want to achieve and always focus on your ROI.  Your investment should be in yourself and your bucket list should consist of things that will help you get to the desired goal.  If you want to be a photographer then learn how to take a picture and do not live under the illusion of what quality you get from some DSLR that daddy paid for as that is the camera and NOT you doing the work.  Use technology to your advantage but do not abuse the value of your own intellect and potential by substituting it with what will only be a crutch. 
  7. Be the best at what you want to do and live for it passionately! I am the biggest salesman going and people laugh at me for how I present myself.  I am honest to myself so I don’t mind at all when they need a job because I have clients who know how I work smart.  What matters when you graduate is the fact that you will have a job so focus on that when you consider investing four years.  If you want to become an accountant forget getting a CPA only – do something like going for forensic accounting that is specialized.  Be different but think smart.  Focus on your goal but fuel your dreams with money you will earn if you decide correctly today!

If you have any questions about what to do then talk to me if you feel society or your parents won’t understand you.  I can understand that they trust you buy knowing what’s best for them (you) but will never admit it.  So have faith in you and no one else because colleges and universities only give degrees but life gives you something much more when you are honest to yourself and that is respect!

Work smart Party Hard but most of all love the here and the now!

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