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Selling Ourselves

Selling Ourselves!

I write this post from the authority of having proudly changed 318 jobs in my career…  My career spans over 19 years (to this date) and not only have I jumped horizontally from one employer to his competition but different verticals (selling cars to being part of a team that produced and made Pakistan’s First Reality TV show for Unilever & Mindshare – Sunsilk 21st century women)…  In all these 19 years I have only been fired 6 times the rest of the 312 times I got bored and moved on…

My CV shows that I am the poster boy for a rolling stone but not only do I know how to sell myself on paper to any HR manager rather convince the entire company that I am a valuable asset to them in some way shape or form.  I know how to sell me and oddly enough those 6 people who fired me over the course of 19 years today are very close professional companions who to this date give me business and pay in advance…

If you are employed then let’s face it you have had the toughest time of your life trying to land an interview.  The reason is because your CV sucks!  You spent 4 years in a college went through the books but did not learn to understand how to customize a CV – you don’t know the difference between a CV, a resume or a biography and your timing is wrong.  You may have all the qualities that Harvard would have stamped on a piece of paper but you are jobless or frustrated doing what you don't want to do and are held hostage to your paycheck to survive so you cannot quit.

Writing a CV is not rocket science its common sense.  You need to get your point across to the HR intern showing that you can add value immensely within the first 3 lines.  You need to stand out from the crowd and be different yet not obnoxiously ridiculous.  Also you need to present the illusion that you are not so expensive and can allow a person the flexibility to negotiate rates at the table.

You must be able to show resilience in your career for having the ability to withstand the test of time and also show that you will stay for another 5 odd years being the robot that they want you to be but depicting clarity where your attributes lie professionally which will set you apart.

Before you apply for a job it is advisable to understand the JD of the job, the ethos of the company and its vision and understand its culture…  Clich├ęs are expensive emotionally because they might be a right fit for society must maybe not for you so be careful when deciding what company to apply to!

If you do get called for a job interview then you need to understand that half the job is already done.  What will kill you will be your over confidence and over estimation and assumptions.  It is always advisable to find out who will interview you and then find out from peers about that person and what they like.  For example if they are a fundo then wearing a low cut shalwar kameez will not let you cross the mindset that the person has. 

This gatekeeper has one job and that is to beat you down emotionally and psychologically because behind all the jargon he or she is just out there to lock you in at a desired rate.  It is advisable to read the company’s act of 1984 – SECP rules and regulations and labor laws of Pakistan and understand that it is a violation of your personal rights when you get asked personal questions such as “so why did you divorce your ex? or how many drinks do you have in one night? Or would you be available to socialize with the “team” after hours?”

It is your right to ask for a job description in writing and tell your interviewer that if presented with a problem then according to your JD shown to you – that you will submit a proposal in writing thus allowing them to get a fair understanding of your worth and way of thinking. 

If you have any questions you need to answer them clearly and never give into verbal promises such as raises or anything for that matter if you settle for less. Remember if you are desperate so is the company that is recruiting – that is why they are talking to you.  If you feel disrespected you should state it honestly and tell them that it takes two hands to clap so if they will consider investing in you then not only will be an asset but will deliver what the desire in the form of results.

Timing is everything so stop looking at web portals and contact recruiters online.  Socialize with people who matter and learn and listen.  It is very important to listen and to understand underlying meanings of what a company needs rather than focus on what you want.  This professional marriage that you seek will turn into the worst one night stand if you do not tread carefully take your time in deciding what is best for you as an employee and will leave you with bitter scars should you fail to respect yourself and the job at hand.

Be loyal to yourself and the job you do (NOT THE COMPANY) be honest to yourself and you will land every job you seek… if you still have problems then I suggest you call me and let my team consult with you professionally on how to appreciate your value and career!

I am a salesman and my team and I know how to sell you better than you! Contact – /

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