Thursday, January 16, 2014



We have all been through an interview at some point in our lives and have prepared for all kinds of interviews be it school entrance, college, and employment or visa interviews.   The funny thing is that everyone prepares for the unexpected, is filled with fear of the unknown and in fact over prepares for a situation that is totally unpredictable yet is overtly filled with one thing and that is HOPE (which is a polite word for expectations)

Sorry to bust your happy bubble but hey guess what if you don’t expect anything then you cannot be let down at all!  So my advice is DON’T over expect!  Also never over estimate your capabilities and under estimate the interviewer or vice versa!

One thing you should always understand is that you need to know your rights!  For example if you are going for a college interview you should be well aware of the fact that an interviewer has NO right to ask you how much daddy earns?  However, you must also understand that whilst in a VISA interview that question is perfectly valid you need to read up on the laws that govern that country with regard to immigration and specially the Min Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) website.  By the way ll this information is public and google or yahoo will help you by giving you lots of links to accredited authentic websites.  When it comes to jobs you need to know that a prospective employer has NO right to delve into your personal life or your religious beliefs and you have every right to stop them politely if you may not wish to answer why your father does not pray five times a day or anything about your after office hours socializing habits.

Every interview is tough and none of them are easy also they put a lot of stress on your emotionally so rather than do what others have done (which might have worked for them) one key element to remember is to relax.  (Do not confuse this with over confidence) The second and most important element to beat any interview is to be brutally honest (to yourself) and then the third AND FINAL thing IS TO KNOW WHAT not TO SAY (see this is where over confidence messes you up)

If you can do these three things then an interview will go better than you expect it to and you never know what might happen but you will feel better about you.  There is no point in stressing about a situation where the odds and variables are so many that it is humanly impossible to control any outcome – (unless….  It is your chacha’s company….  In that case show up in a tank top and Bermuda shorts)

If you do not get success do not look at it as a failure on your part rather take it positively and ask why you were rejected as you have a right to ask for a reason.  This will help you in your next interview!  At the end of the day have faith in yourself and your abilities and most of all God!

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