Friday, May 16, 2014


The next world war will be fought by technology and the side that has the latest and best information will win!  That is a given!  (Drone attacks, Heloooo!)  The Telco industry is the biggest consumer of media time and branding space everywhere and is always in a spastic race to keep up with the world!  Whilst the Japanese & Koreans are comfortable with 5G we are just babies getting adjusted to 3G and the diaper rashes that go along with any new support system we get!

Pakistan sadly has always been a follower due to its internal politics and PTA has done anything but been proactive or beneficial to the business world!   3G / 4G is NOT everywhere and the northern areas still have connectivity issues when the lights go out because someone switched on an extra A/C in either the Prime Ministers Secretariat or Aiwan E Saddar.  We cannot simply afford to be disconnected today but yet we are the most useless country when it comes to implementing fail safe measures to protect this valuable treasure!   Over 17 NDC’s and still we rely on the parchi system to get the message across due to various reasons.

Telenor was the first Telco when it launched to give you Tower Tagging! In your nokia 1110 you got to know that you are being robbed of your mobile at either Punjab Chowrangi or in Blue Area, Islamabad!  BUT we still as a nation do not endorse Navigation systems in our vehicles because we are afraid that someone might know where the obvious lies.  So to be dreadfully honest we can all agree that the system sucks and if there is a world war 3 then the first thing that will be done will be that your cellphones will go off when you need them the most!

Many years ago I was part of the first call center! It was at central coffee house opposite the Metropole!  We were doing very well for a couple of weeks until the cops came knocking and arrested us for “treason” because we were looting the exchequer.  (Grey Traffic)  A few phone calls and a few thousand rupees later we were free and oddly enough the PSEB started cashing in on this and started giving call center and local loop licenses!  Do you remember how the Red Tone chaps got raided in F8 Islamabad and after a few nights in thana their tone was purple rather than red!  In our dishonesty we presented a con man image anyways so we never got any business and the amount that we got also ran away across the border!

As time evolved Nokia got squashed and along popped up another corporate war between two giants like the cola wars (Samsung & Apple) as platforms like voice over IP was more frequently used and the birth of Skype Viber Vonage Face Time and many other services like magic jack the Telcos who had invested a lot started losing mad money!   

The largest Taxpayers in the country were sour and made it miserable for everyone when they whined about bills and pulling their foreign investments! After a deadlock with the government they left them thinking “So now what to do” when they kept delaying the 3G license auction!  In this time the PTA had its own issues to find a scape goat with enough credibility who would rock the foundations and sing along so that the foreign investment would not stop!  After much ado they found someone and then in board rooms after boring themselves they decided to be “original” for once and decided to place a ban on any ISP / Telco with dire consequences should the Not block ports 8891 (onwards) & ports 5060 (onwards) – Don’t we get a feeling that we need to look towards the MENA region for the source of such original inspiration!
  1. If you are an Apple user its in your face baby because you just lost facetime!
  2. If you use any vonage like device get yourself a call center license because magic jack Isn’t so magic anymore! (Tons of cash to be made there)
  3. Majority of your voice over Ip softwares like Viber will give lags and issues and you will blame your Telco eventually forcing you to make a direct call thus increasing your cellular and land line billing!
  4. You get my point! 

I am pretty sure you must be having signal issues on your voice calls and delayed SMS messages! This is not because there is a 3G upgrade going on!  It is because there are severe termination routing issues that are being sorted thanks to PTA!  Why is it that we take one step forward supposedly only to realize the hidden con somewhere in the middle!  Why are we destined to destroy any form of progress in this country?

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  1. It happens only in Pakistan! well like always..what can we do? we are a nation of helpless people busy with BIG issues like raiding the streets on false blasphemy issues.

  2. In America They Have Barack Hussain, Steve Jobs, Jonny Cash and Bob Hope, in Pakistan we have Sharif Zardari, No Jobs, No Cash and No Hope.