Monday, May 5, 2014


As we all believe that there was an Adam & an Eve and that cannot be questioned I wish that they would have been Korean, Vietnamese or Chinese because they would have forgotten about the Apple of Sin and eaten the bloody snake instead!  

In any government there is always politics from within that one needs to be aware of before fighting the external band of hungry vagabonds that are out to destroy you!  In every government you have those who due to their own vanity and cowardice stab you in the back because they rely upon Cialis and Viagra to keep their sexual prowess erect in public. (but in reality are limp to respond when challenged to rise to perform their public duty!)

At the Karachi Gymkhana one knows only too well what jealousy, vanity and greed has done to the club we found safe for our kids, when we were kids!  Members (ironically I love the word) only know too well how they get phone calls and messages when erection time cums around!  Now that us Kids are wiser Members and have the ability to lead this generation forth the geriatric old lot who haunt the hallways with their walkers refuse to allow us the younger lot any form of freedom.  I guess it’s because no one likes to abdicate a throne!  However these sorry miserable and bitter lot need help in the form of being picked up from the throne so that one can put their diapers on before they are stuffed into their wheel chairs!

What is so progressive in the form of anything achieved so far if one behind the veil plays politics from within?  How would you like it if you had an old wife and her seven step sisters that were unable to conceive a child that was promised during the Haq Meher and Jahez when being decided.  Yet bore aggression to the one who actually delivered more than a promise in the form of bringing value to a family of people who always were torn apart!

KG members are the first to stand in line at the gates of the Provincial Club as well as along the creek to Keamari so that their wives can throw off the Abaya for 5 hours and enjoy what they only get in Dubai for a couple of days!   The paradise they seek in this false  piety is so ridiculously hypocritical because if a few are not invited they will quickly run to a computer and print out what they require Viagra to say and hand deliver it to another sorry lot so that there is thunder in Paradise which will also affect their own offspring!

The seven deadly sins are what has killed man repeatedly!  What is the point of trying to hurt each other when the effects will fall out on the younger generation that will suffer!  Stop telling me about women at the pool losing their privacy because a few years ago a man ran from Lal Masjid in an Abaya and today we entrusted him and empowered him even more by being the spokesman for the Taliban only to question why we have lost our faith in God’s justice!

If the club does not stop its internal bashing of people who fight to meet the needs of the people because they were elected by those same people who choose to stab these people then it’s not about people anymore and the club should become a Madrassah!  Maybe our friend can come and give lessons on how to run away in an Abaya after stabbing you in the back?

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