Sunday, September 19, 2010


We are always in the process of judging someone or under the influence that someone is judging us. No matter what society you come from or what truck driver raised you the reality is that you are a victim of being bashed by a society that has refused to evolve with time… Sadly the same goes for education. Today education is the dirtiest Neanderthal age old word that one could use as I find that no matter what society, school, university or hall of education one goes through they are worse of than before they went in.

Our society on another hands in the past 6 years has learnt to commonly use words like Ritalin, efexor, Prozac, lithium, and the favored abbreviated terms of endearment amongst parents of any class are shrink, spock doc, and psych. The parents of today are caught up in a race against time to see how much excitement they can fill into their lives and children have become a secondary priority often left in the care of someone who they feel they can trust because of the slit eyes and ability to say yes master. Often when a child is of the age of ten he or she faces immense amount of pressure from a jury consisting of a very vicious society.

Back to education, when I was a child we did not know what a computer looked like so we slaved for months with the odd tuition to ensure that we got a grade so that we could make it to a good school. There was a healthy competition and we enjoyed trying to be the best achievers. Those were different times and education was an institution. Ever since the nineties it has become a factory where you do your time and once done you are awarded the pension in the form of a piece of paper which says you survived through the confusing battles that you have had to fight. Battles yes, because even though the brand names sell entry to a promised land where society fame and fortune is the goal one does not realize the journey that a child will have to make will brutally destroy every element of his or her sanity.

I personally feel that the stages of evolution that are defined by the big O and then the huge A are a ridiculous form of torture to a modern day child. Today children are perceptive and can adapt to change much faster as when they are born the first thing they see is technology when mommy or daddy take a picture with their million megapixel blackberry and post it on face book. Isn’t it weird that as a parent it took you a life time to adapt to the computer and here as soon as the umbilical cord is cut you document the whole tragedy of the destruction of innocence by being the one who lit the match… I bet my words make you think huh! As kids are educated by a hybrid method of sound experience and video it is ridiculous that we define their place in society by these two redundant exams which I myself am proud to state that I failed. Yes I was the victim of a society where I was judged by the nerdy book smart attitude of my aunts as they would gloat as to how many stars their prodigy had attained and the end result was the mental and emotional destruction of a child – ME! Funny thing is I managed to make it through and today as I do have a choice I realized how brutal society has become and maybe a brand name school is not the right choice for my child as it might be educated but illiterate beyond belief to the awareness in the reality of the here and the now.

As the world has changed parents will always make the same ones that their parents did and blindly overlook the true potential of their children and their own agendas will often lead to a very dysfunctional adult. To create a society one needs to be a part of it by being themselves one needs to understand the business of education. Today establishments are not looking for children who burn out after attaining a million degrees. Companies today are on the hunt for well-rounded people and they are getting fewer with each exam that takes place. Today the biggest exam is getting through life and whilst there are a few essential things that one needs to teach a child a parent needs to understand that every individual has its own way of inwardly digesting information at their own pace.

Pakistan needs to revise its social standards of education and revise the way they bring up their child because the world is disgustingly cruel and even though the world will forgive a child with the punishment of humiliation… our Pakistani society will never let that child live in peace or forget that its ok and allow the wounds of failure to heal… Now remember the words like Ritalin, efexor, Prozac, lithium, how many do you want your children to remember?

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