Thursday, September 23, 2010


Whether we like it or not Pakistan runs on “contacts”! if you want something done either a three rupee phone call will resolve your issue via a contact or your cap ex will significantly go up with the variables involved. For the past three days I did not write a thing because I was sitting and observing the bashing the HEC (Higher Education Commission) received in the form of threats, demonstrations and the resignations of some overtly aggressive educationists who got very worried when it was announced that budgets were being slashed.

I am extremely appreciative of Mr. Laghari, Dr. Mukhtar, Dr. Naqvi and their team for having withstood all the bashings and till this morning sticking to their pens (educationists don’t use guns) and fighting for our investment in the form of human resource abroad. I figured it out that even a fruitwala on the street corner knows someone who can mess up your day. So in short my philosophy is that if we all know each other who know each other then we invented facebook long before some geek put a structure to it. Just think about it.

Ok the solution is simple – we all have to use the AMWAY effect to make this work. If you find five brutally honest partners in crime of some place in society and trust them then tell them to talk to their five friends who matter for the HEC. The good thing is that PTCL will make millions in the form of phone calls going back and forth and this ripple effect will probably get some attention. Today people only do something for those who can do something for them. The HEC has scores of students out there who are under a contract to come and serve Pakistan. So rather than making a noise in an empty room sit down and talk to those who matter and if society wants a change and they want transparency this is the way to do it. CONTACTS!

The HEC needs your contacts and you only use them for personal gain so why not get your contacts to cash in favors owed to you in the form of a phone call that will eventually lead to good government that will be educated. This country was formed on an ideology but it takes people to make that movement happen. Today you may not have much to look forward to and many people to trust. So why not make your own ideology and trust yourself and talk to five contacts that could talk to their five contacts and make a ripple down effect for society. Isn’t it amazing that Pakistan was a physical facebook before we even put a name on it… Contacts do matter and people trust people who are somehow linked to each other – Oh wait maybe even they got the idea of linked in from us… what copy cats!

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