Saturday, April 12, 2014


Today priorities have changed and as I am a salesman these are the few things that I have listed that piss me off!  You might agree with me if not feel free to give your rebuttals…
01 Time is the most precious commodity today and people whilst working in top jobs have little or no time managements skills… they fart around the office on social media or in meetings (coffee parties) in bored (Pun intended) rooms and then sit till 10pm running the lights and fans and increasing the COGS of their employers trying to look busy but achieve fuck all because their minds are burnt out from procrastinating all day!

02 When some ittar clad, fake prada and Gucci knock off wearing social wannabe newbies arrive (age and sex does not matter)  in an entourage at any given venue – can be a mall super market or even a hospital or even sadder and open their doors but refuse to get off because they are in the midst of an important call to discuss what Kameena Lawn to buy or in the case of guys what Kameeni they will unscrew at night thus blocking up the entire traffic because they seriously think the world will not exist without them!
03 How people get upset when you ask them why they lied to you about being sick and broke and how their hangover is and if they want coffee for it because you saw the instagram & facebook posts along with foursquare checkins at some social elite club where they hosted an orgy of booze and horrible food to fit in with those who they aspire to be! 
04 Why the fuck do people call you up promising you an immense amount of business and fight you down for the penny on a bulk volume sale  for their company but at the end of the day they just want a discount on an iphone on 90 days credit which they will forget.
05 How someone calls you for a business quote in a friggin constant emergency – you feel like the guys bitchy wife has her legs up in the stirrups and is about to bring quadruplet puppies into this world and is crowning so he must have the cost NOW!  Once you give your cost the fucker vanishes and refuses t pick your call thus fucking your other professional relationships because in turn your people think you are being a Gandu and not responding!

06 Why people arrive at a social venue get off their cars stinking of newbie credit based wealth and make a hoo haa about why they were late due to work at 11pm at night because of some deal they were in the midst of closing…. Yet once again delaying everyone at the cinema because they have to make a fashionably late statement!

07 When you invite someone for an occasion they drink your free spirits and eat up what soul you present to them only to post on social media that the world should know they did you a favor by coming to your occasion because all they really wanted to do was work their way up the social ladder where otherwise they would never have been given the time of the day by those who really matter!
08 How people misconceive your politeness loyalty and affection and willingness to go out of your way for them as a sign of weakness and think they are irreplaceable and you cannot live without the company owned automobile they drive when in reality these narcissistic fucks really are not worth the time of day because they take you for granted and if you stopped picking up their phones it would not matter because they would find another nipple to suckle on where they would do the same thing to someone else!

09 When you stop giving someone the respect of the time or picking up their calls they bitch about how terrible you are forgetting the fact that they have over a period of time tested your patience and sanity by displaying no integrity or respect to you at all so honesty really does even come in here!  All they have as a weapon is to play the innocent victim card!

10 How people expect you to remember their birthdays and important occasions but take little or no interest in what is going on in your life only what they can benefit from yon immediately and that too without paying for it!   The sad thing is everyone insults your intelligence and if you overlook it because you want to keep a relationship they call you a chutia in public!

This is what society has come down to today where we live in a world where we can get the most out of everyone forgetting basic values because we are in some form of debt…  People to get ahead lie and trample on the lives of others thus stripping themselves of any form of humanity so when they pray five times a day it makes me wonder “what soul are they trying to save?”

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