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In my life I have sold it all. From people to laptops to software (which I enjoy the most) to advertising campaigns to TV shows to drugs (the pharmaceutical kind) to you name it I have sold it or tried to sell it.
If you think I sit on a hill of success then please note that I have had to cross mountains of failures to get to the top of that tiny hill.

I am not at the top yet and have a long way to go but I train a lot of sales people and share my insights.  Here I have shared 30 points that will help anyone better their efforts in selling anything!

I hope these things I have learned from my career experience will also help you!

01.   Always sell something that is tough to sell… its more satisfying that way!  Find what your passion in life is and sell that… it will be easier and you will be more successful at it.
02.   Never sell someone something they cannot use or do not want as it will always bite you on your next sale!
03.   Wear multiple hats and sell multiple things ALWAYS because a fruit basket of products or services broadens your horizons the aggregate discounts weigh in much more and you will have more luck in selling each time that you try!
04.   Always dress very well as you have to sell yourself first before what you want to sell!  Nothing looks more badass than a good suit and a clean tailored haircut. Also smell good but don’t douse yourself in cologne or aftershave!  Always go out into public dressed like you are going to your own wedding
05.   Always look your client in the eye when you talk to them.
06.   Always give a firm handshake.
07.   Always stand when you shake some ones hand!
08.   Always stand up for your clients when they enter a room especially for ladies!
09.   Never make it personal.  Do NOT try to socialize with your clients ever! Keep it professional.  When people become personal you will be forced to compromise on the rate you give somehow somewhere and your company will not question the transparency in the deal.
10.   Always know your competition and know the weaknesses in your product / services.

11.   Accept criticism with a good attitude!
12.   If you are not confident… Fake It! It will come with time!
13.   You can always tell the size of a client’s wallet and his attitude by the size of the things that bother him.
14.   Always be conscious of your body language!  When you walk look forward not at your feet and avoid using a phone whilst walking.
15.   Ask more than you answer – people love to talk about themselves and you get to know their actual requirements.
16.   Never lend anything or discount anything you cannot afford to lose forever.
17.   Fuck fighting for your company – fight for your client as his money is what pays your salary.  The client is always right and the client should always be protected by you,
18.   Always conduct calls on a cellphone that are important when you are alone and people cannot hear what you are talking about.
19.   Do not post shit about your work on social media or text grievances to people about your product client work or family.
20.   No matter their job status in life – EVERYONE deserves respect!... including you!

21.   Never let your little head do the thinking for your big head (at parties etc.) 
22.   Never talk business whilst or after you consume any intoxicant.
23.   Nice honest guys NEVER finish last, dishonest boring salesmen do who are out for a quick buck!
24.   If something bad happens accept your faults quickly apologize and present solutions… do not add to the problems… salesmen are solution givers… NOT problem creators!
25.   Do your own paper work and always be ready to learn… this will protect you in the after sales service area and help you in upselling to your clients!
26.   Never change for your company!  Evolve for your clients! Luck favors those who are honest and always prepared!  Be intelligent BUT not over smart.  If you are the smartest person in the meeting room then you are in the wrong room… be humble!
27.   Never go for a quick solution always suggest an honest long term solution to your client.  Trust is earned NOT demanded so value it the most if you have it with your client.
28.   Never complain about a client to his competition it is the height of disrespect always.  Also winning a battle by putting another company or person down will NEVER win you the war!
29.   No one on their deathbed ever wished that spent more time at work so regulate the hours and manage your time and after work hours ENJOY LIFE TO the max doing what you enjoy doing personally!

30.   Lastly Women find confidence sexy!  So whatever you sell do it well and do it with pride and always have a smile! 
1. Never promise anything when very happy or try to reconcile anything under trauma or duress or anger
2. Its hard to earn money and only if you can work smart and honestly hard will it pour into your wallet! 
3. There is no such thing as a quick buck!

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