Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been told that I am a very good salesman and I love the thrill of the kill which would have made me perfect for this task… I tend to disagree… I support companies or organizations that are good to their word believe in good values and want to do something purely because they are passionate about it… The ethos which formed the organization is honest. Qatar Airways / Telenor and Pepsi Cola are a few of the organizations that I can openly and honestly support because they know what good business is all about…

When you owe someone a favor then you better be prepared for anything as you don’t know what they could ask you for… Even Mario Puzo wrote down words that went down in history… “It’s Only business! But one day I will ask a favor of you and that day our score will be settled! (THE GOD FATHER) That is what happened to me… Finally I can breathe a sigh of relief as an organization to which I was indebted for its support came calling at my door. The favor was fundraising for this organization which mind you is an international registered charity that has proven its self when Pakistan was struck by the earthquake…

I am not the most diplomatic brown nosing mega freak who will give in to the norms of society. I am brutally arrogant and have a big yuck fou on my forehead to anyone who I feel is a bully. I am opinionated and very passionately aggressive in all the few million of the things I do. I hate hypocrisy and am quick to retort when there is any form of injustice… So in short I am not the best FUNDS RAISER… never the less I was successful at raising over eighteen thousand dollars but t he following is a series of observations that I have made over the past 72 hours of FUND RAISING… This article was going to be named “The profit in charity!” but then I realized that I was the wrong man for the right job… My reasons are explained below…

1. There is real profit in charity - people have lost their faith in giving to a good cause because there are so many of them out there (this was told to me by a cheeky pothead sales manager for a telco)
2. People have lost their faith in general - By the time the amount gets to those who need it the donor would have given enough to feed an army for a week but the recipients might be lucky to get used toothpicks
3. Also those who are bored start up their own ventures and God only knows if the intentions are true
4. Those who wanted recognition were giving to a cause in order to score points with God only knows whom.
5. People do not know where or who to give money to…. (please find a list of organizations who are good to their word and very credible as they have the resources to provide aid)


I would like to share some advice with you…
• Please do not give money or any funds to anyone who you know will not be able to give you a receipt (donations are tax deductible) and someone who is not a registered charity…
• Don’t give you pierre cardin sweaters away or your Louis vitton bags give the most valuable thing you have today and that is time…
• Be involved and before you become a complete Muslim from the first of Ramadan take time to find humility….
• If you have donated in any way then simply say no to those who shirk your feelings of trust

Jinnah Gandhi Martin Luther King even Dr. Muhammad Younus all had a vision just like us… The only thing is they had faith which helped make a vision into reality… Faith is a strong thing become a true believer – not with your atm card but with each second you can spare…

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