Saturday, August 21, 2010


I am sure when you were going through a job interview you were asked “what were your responsibilities and what was your salary?” I’m also sure that instinctively you inflated the figure and ardently elaborated how you were the glue that held it together for whom so ever you worked for!

Now if it also suited the employer then guess what all is good! If it did not and you were a struggling underdog hoping to get a home loan approval you would never get any respect rather humiliation for your honesty! Isn’t it weird that when you have a full hand how people try to loan you money? IF your cards are down and the concept is fantastic then you get nothing more than a handshake as you are walked out of the door by security.

Look at our society today, when you leave the house you put on your best smile and whistle on the way to work as you are expecting to have a good day. On the way back you’re ready to run over anyone that comes in your way. And the world stinks most of all you lost the faith that you woke up with about humanity. To further add to my justification on the frustration felt by those who are trying to lead honest lives take a look at our political system. Before and after a politician stands for office we do everything if not even physically try to destroy them as we feel that they are the worst vampires around. However in government we support them and the brotherhood syndrome comes about.

Also we love to sit down and claim that we know the world and are notorious for being related to the entire population of this country as long as they are of some plastic significance to society. The minute we have no need for them in our lives we don’t keep quite rather assassinate them (but only behind closed doors)

Lastly if you drive a car have you noticed that all the beggar boys and girls with wipers and plastic bottles or crutches have almost vanished from the street light signals which they bought! The reason is that their mafia found greener pastures in looting and pillaging in the villages where you are sending aide. Just think the common hari or farmer is innocent of city crime yet aid trucks are being looted and people beaten up. Those who are the real victims have not yet come out of shock and are still trying to draw invisible lines in the water where their home once stood. In reality this brutal beggars mafia has moved to loot those who have nothing.

Today I think we should leave honesty and integrity in our suitcases as people only want to hear what they want to hear. The common man alone, forget the politician finds any form of truth unbearable. Now that a disaster had hit us we need to re-establish those bonds of trust within our country that we ignored. In the rebuilding process(healing) we need to start from the grass roots and acknowledge that as we are re-building a nation then the ideology behind the bricks and mortar has to be based on establishing the old school principle of honesty and integrity.
Right now all the masses are looking for sanctuary as this disaster has left their faith in everything very tarnished. People need to be educated how to trust each other and look forward to a better form of living… I end this article with a question… How are you doing your bit to make a change as you tell your friends over a latte and a cigar?

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