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Being a HR consultant I come across a lot of people with visiting cards that have impressive logos and endless pages of professional claims yet they seem to be “looking for a better option???”  If you follow my advice you possibly could end up being hired by an employer with whom you might actually like to work for doing what you enjoy doing rather than being a slave to the grind who sees his paycheck vanishes as soon as it is signed. 

The job market is terrible and if you look at a harsh reality then you will realize that the main cause is all these colleges that mushroomed in the past two decades and started churning out graduates by the millions!  Whilst the potential employee numbers grew insanely the jobs remained the same and all companies globally cut down on their overheads as operating in 3rd world countries like Pakistan became too expensive!

If you want to get a job you need to understand that sites like Linked In and jobs posted on social media are in reality a waste of time!  So lets get started on what can land you a job in real life! 

Before you start falling for false promises and believing in self created lies you need to first be honest with yourself!   Understand why you want to change your job or are you able to better your existing one with something you might be able to do with your self?

If you need to get a job then spend some time understanding what your own limitations are and when you know what you can actually do just simply write them down on a piece of paper in bullet form!  Be short be concise and be realistic!  HR managers or people see a truckload of paper every day and get scores of emails so make sure that you convey those bullet points concisely onto one page that has only three very brief sections.

The first should have your contact information, the second a brief outline of your accreditations and the third about what you can do for the company you want to be hired with!  Some people I have seen get hired were those who showed a promise in what they conveyed on that piece of paper and were very honest in what they wrote!  One also needs to be understand that if you fabricate claims then it is highly likely that you will be asked to walk the talk and that will definitely create problems for you later or in back ground checks! 

The best way to get your CV considered is to network in the industry you wish to work in!  Nothing works like someone vouching for you and for this you need to know your stuff. (not people) Today time is the most precious commodity and organizations do not have that luxury of hiring someone who will be productive 3 to 4 months from now!  Whilst fresh gradates may have the financial advantage of working for peanuts companies are willing to hire people with a set of pre installed industry skills but you need to convince your potential employer that you are not that emotionally expensive as you come without an attitude and are ready to keep learning they way the need you to do so. 

It is a dog eat dog world and we are humans who succumb to the seven deadly sins so avoid falling for the greed factor and especially false promises from people who state that they can get you a job for a price!  It’s kind of ridiculous that you spend a kings ransom getting educated and eventually have to pay someone even more to get you’re your salary which you deserve!  If you need to go through a recruitment company to get a job mid – career then you really need to understand that something is wrong with you as only you are able to sell your self better than anyone else! 

In order to know where vacancies are all you need is a little bit of patience and the ability to focus on social groups relevant to the field you wish to penetrate or grow in.  You must research your target companies needs and ensure that you are able to meet them before applying for that position!  Another good tool to use for this research is the internet and not social media rumors!  If you have your facts right and the ability to hold a good conversation with someone interviewing you socially you can also ask people if they know of any good opportunities. 

If you network it is best to be blunt (not rude) and honest why you wish to look for a better job.  Sometimes it helps for you to state your goals to anyone and keep focused on the positivity of what you can attain professionally rather than emphasize how horrible your existing or past employer is.  Keep the focus on yourself and know what not to say to keep your audience engaged. 

Whilst in an interview setting be it formal or social you need to stop being selfish and start listening with the intent to understand what is being said.  Most potential employers fish with their prospects by throwing subtle hints about what problems they are currently facing and hope to find a solution within you that will not add to their problems with unrealistic coffee table talks! 

If you are able to socially connect in real life and have the ability to let your audience know your true potential without over selling your self you might just get invited to join any organization you so wish to.  Social media has been a great tool for us to know what is going on in everyone’s life but because "you don't know how many enemies you have hidden within your friends, It is wise not to have pictures with you in compromising situations with compromising or questionable items around you or on your possession as I have seen a lot of people suffer at the hands of social media fatwas that cost them their jobs or marriages!"

Whilst the graphics on any social media post may promise a bounty of wealth financially to anyone looking for a job one needs to understand that whilst seeking a better option it is best to keep in mind that if the job posted online was that “great” then they would have no need for people apply for that position! 

If you need a job, then you need the correct attitude, the correct information and the ability to work smart and not hard when scouting for a better option!  If you have any concerns reach out to me for any free advice! 

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