Monday, December 30, 2013


If you are a resident of Karachi then most of you in the office are texting, tweeting and face booking today with regard to finding a safe venue to close this year and welcome 2014.  You will be struggling to make it onto the A list of a party or a venue that will be supposedly cool.  In reality you will probably end up at a joint filled with approximately 2,200 of those people who could not afford in some way to have run off to Dubai and will exhaust what is left of their plastic credit bank of emotions upon you to try to live under the guise of how rebelliously clichéd you all are for the matter of the 180 minute period that you will spend trying to drink watered down promises to meet the very next day spiked with fake hugs and alcohol breath kisses. 

When you wake up at any given time on the 1st of January 2014 you will start a New Year with probably Alka Seltzer, Panadol & if you are a woman then you can probably add on a “morning after pill”.  I guarantee you that by the 5th of January you would be regretting having been caught on a mobile camera in some compromising situation or position that will make you the subject for some coffee table discussion till the 9th of January after which you and the world will force itself to forget the night of 31st December 2013 and promise to never mention what happened that night ever again on social media.

To me 31st December means a chance to repent, regret, realize, evaluate and inwardly digest how my life has been as a member of society and as a human being!  These are my five resolutions that I have derived for myself for the year 2014 from lessons that I learnt from 2013.

  1. I will tear down all the walls of insecurity that I have had surrounding me - which have made me have one regret and that is not to have trusted the right people at the right time. (family)
  2. I will come closer to myself and forgive myself for all the guilt that I carry – no longer will I allow society to dictate to me what is right because I will not let it emotionally blackmail me socially.
  3. I will understand the value in those around me before I judge them in any way – I will work on intellectual fair security personally and not judge people rather listen to them and understand the underlying message before I give a reaction or a rebuttal to anyone specially my elders.
  4. I will patiently humble myself before God – I will try to accept that God makes things happen for a reason and whatever happens is because I played a part in it also for the betterment of my life and await patiently to realize the reason for the happening.
  5. I will overcome my fear of the unknown with trust – I know that irrespective of what curveballs life throws at me in these unpredictably volatile times as a Pakistani I will try to trust the world because my parents had the faith to trust me as an adult that has the capability to survive tomorrow.

I do not know what goals you will set to define 2014 for yourself but I would advise you that on the 31st of December you should spend it with very special people that will never abandon you irrespective of what odds you will face tomorrow because emotional and financial inflation is really going out of control.  

Family is everything so forgive and forget and move on with a firm grip on a promise to yourself that you actually are a fantastic person that does not need to carry over emotional luggage from 2013.   When the clock strikes midnight pop the cork of the bottle of guilt champagne you have been burdened with carrying in 2013 and walk away from society and embrace yourself and your family.   Make 2014 special…  Make it about you!

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