Wednesday, September 8, 2010


When I was in school I lived through many theories like the west rocked and basically that the east sucked! As I evolved from my Neanderthal school boy stage into a not so intelligent college idiot the premonition continued and I was heavily influenced by the fact that Lenin Stalin and Mao were communistic control freak fools. I was brainwashed into thinking that anything east of my country was slow incompetent and could not produce any form of quality unless it was Japanese. As my own backward country was thrown into the media revolution I could not help but become witness to a whole world other than what I had witnessed through hearsay be destroyed by visual proof as shown on a television screen. I always believed that seeing is believing and I noticed even though the CIA rocked that the KGB was cool too… In other words television definitely opened up my eyes to the what the world was all about. I was addicted to channels like Russia today and various Chinese channels that depicted how life existed in reality and was not confined to being a taboo behind the gates of the forbidden city… Moreover, I was relieved that China Romania and the Soviet Union were actually quite hip with amazing night life, culture and had an extremely progressive outlook on life…

When Pakistan was blessed with the internet and I had my rocking 9600 bps connection it was like someone had stamped my passport with tons of visas and given me access to unlimited countries and domains… so being a typical hot blooded male from a moderately conservative nation I did my part to pollute my brain by paying homage to the famous playboy site… After the “you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all” philosophy hit me like a freight train I got bored and decided to dabble in the world of this new found booming industry… Yes I am guilty of trying to re-invent the wheel and also every over smart and not so intelligent friend was by my side to help me lose whatever savings that I had in my foolish endeavors.

When VOIP happened to me and I could see the person I was talking to for almost free a whole new world of problems and solutions was thrown in front of me. Yet I was blind as to the power of the East! The Chinese / Russians and anyone with half a brain had developed something so powerful that not even another holocaust could destroy if it tried. Forget communism this was a weapon and is a weapon that is so powerful that it can offset any economy and if it chooses build a nation and destroy anyone or anything in its way. I as a child was used to gollywogs and Cossacks and clich├ęd depictions of cultures but by far my realization of the following facts blew the doors of any not so intelligent secret service…

All that was draped in a red flag with a few yellow stars or a hammer and a sickle had trained and educated their billions of citizens how to speak not only their local language but how to speak with different western dialects. Bottom line Anthropology 101 was hammered into their citizens along with technological abilities with the focus on hard core quality being the primary concern. This army of techies today is the most powerful and undefeatable army that the west should fear. Russians stopped focusing on oil and the Chinese took an apple and now mass produce it for their western consumer base that is ready to lap up every ounce of profit it can.

The west focused on living on credit and the east held onto its culture, humility and expanded its knowledge base, Today we don’t need Yuri or who flung dung to be a 45 year old sleeper agent sitting in Washington waiting to wipe out the president of any country for a decade… it’s probably going to be a little girl known by her screen name which will most probably be “candy puff girls rule” or “hello kitty good by doggie” who can cripple the entire economy of the west with the single click of a key…

Education is a powerful weapon – it trains you how to control emotions and make educated decisions. Today I am extremely happy to state that half of the west’s technology is developed in the east and this has been through the realization of the power of education. Bottom line the new logo for silicon valley should be an anvil and we need to stop treating the east like black smiths even though we have forged an image in our minds that they are backwards… they have knowledge, understanding and the ability to spend the hard earned monies of the western taxpayer. The only thing I love about the whole thing is that the underdog actually won!

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