Monday, June 30, 2014


Pakistan started fasting under a bed of lies as Religion is BIG business these days!

Disclaimer! Before you read on please note that I personally do not belong to a radical school of thought and realize that we as a nation are progressing ahead but I also strongly believe that any kind of progress where core principles and values are shunned is not progress rather a destruction of a society!   Maybe I was born in a wrong time where I lived through and witnessed the innocent era when we had freedom before democracy was business and religion was not political!

Being your average Pakistani every year multiple times somehow my ability to feed my family comes into question because our cities are shut down!  For those political factions we have the strong arm of the law BUT on the other hand when some people use Religion as a convenient excuse even the Armed forces with their educated Muftis start to question how to tackle such emotionally sensitive matters!  The likes of any and every cleric has one goal and that is to get them selves the maximum amount of media air time!  Sadly the presses themselves are so confused that they oblige and the global community sees us a raving ranting lunatic radicals and compensates us with travel advisories etc.! 
We have had to digest a Pashtun Chameleon who came into the limelight as a cricketer morphed himself into a social worker that wanted to eradicate cancer then flipped one night to save Pakistan when he turned politician that we accepted as an educated alternative from what we had to vote for but somehow regurgitated our loyalty when we realized we would be better of dealing with lions than bear with five years of an inconsistent school of thought and shifting policies!  
We are also now surviving our Disco Maulvi who has arrived with a Maple Leaf yet again to bully us into piety when he himself has confused video confessions about his stance on blasphemy and the amount of years he spent dreaming that he was under the tutelage of an Imam in our nightmares!  

Sadly these two fair and lovely poster boys are now threatening to band together and under the guise of our Holy religion mislead the government into what the world press will see as a short win in a battle that they could not possibly fight without western allies and a war that it could never win unless these two clowns were the main act in this political cum religious circle of lies!  

I wish that every cleric would put down their calculator and stop fantasizing about the immense wealth they are grabbing by counting the amount of Zakat we tax paying citizens are dutifully submitting and start focusing upon the lies we began Ramzan with this year!  Here are a few examples of how misleading advertisements by some desperate managers make us question morality and common sense!  
Coca Cola ignoring family values started the lying game wit their “Ramzan share  a coke with your Mom” campaign
and immediately followed by Pepsi who answered on screen with the “Pepsi Ramzan Family” theme…  if you actually ask anyone including the World Health Organization you will realize that “Mothers are the worst enemies to any cola company” because in the media guidelines it is illegal for them to advertise caffeinated, carbonated beverages to anyone under the age of 16 (sixteen)   

Not to be left behind the Telco industry is always one who for 11 months of the year gobbles up any and all airtime available globally!  Mobilink just after being accused of false advertising and misleading information  ( ) decides to jazz up ramzan by having a Blood red theme with some hottie who is sitting whilst she has her legs apart (looks like a mujra scene) and has the cheek to release a tag line “Poora Din, Poori Raat”…  This is not the right message to be sent out in the month of abstinence!  
As its about food and deals we all know that fast food is not at all healthy so Nando’s does one better and slaps out and advert (Billboards included) that somehow suggests dating during Iftar to the younger lot who read it!   
If there is humility to be displayed an in Ramzan if its about moderation then this clothing advert does no justice at all to the concept of Ramadan Dressing at all!  

There are many examples out there of what is wrong but my main point is why do people need to be so desperate enough to lie and more why do we as a “progressive” nation choose to believe those lies yet thinking that in these thirty days we will cleanse our souls of everything!

The point that I am making here is that you have “Twenty Nine” days left to do things right!  Start thinking for your self and as you have to “control” yourself then also do so with your emotions and for once leave emotion OUT of your decisions related to business and everyday life!  This Ramzan I will pray that we as a nation become numb to the politics of emotions that are used to abuse our daily lives and are able to think pragmatically and sensibly!

Mubarak to you reading this if you were fasting as you have just completed your first Roza of 2014!  May Allah shower you with strength, health and bless you with the courage to keep all of them until the moon is a crescent again!

Ramzan Mubarak!

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