Thursday, December 5, 2013



Before you read on please note the following two facts and keep them in mind throughout your read…

  1. According to me ANY relation be it father – daughter husband and wife or boss and employee is based on only TWO things Respect & Honesty – without one there is no substance left for the other & there is no third element in any relationship

  1. When I was a kid in the 80’s the worst things you could do at school was smoke a cigarette outside school hours.  We feared our parent’s disappointment and most of all we respected them irrespective of the fact we agreed with their perspectives or not.

Now also note that in those days I was considered to be a “Black Sheep” or what my friends would call a bad a$$. In those days when we had a “Phadda” it would seldom resort to physical violence and when it did only involved the two people concerned going at it for 3 minutes and then apologizing because the parents would step in and force a re-conciliation so basically things NEVER got out of hand. 

Today parents avoid their responsibilities and foolishly compensate their attention hungry kids with money to throw, 80,000 rupee iPhones and 2 million rupee cars to add a cherry on the pie the parents that love their kids tremendously add a goon squad of karai kay tattoo’s and a driver who is the major trusted domo to keep an eye on the kids.

(I purposely did not take pictures of these kids who were doing this because my intention is not to add to the problems that these 15 year old face rather to tell ALL parents to be on their guard)

I was at boat basin today at 10am where at least 100+ kids in school uniforms of CAS & BAY VIEW were hanging out like wandering sheep.  They must have given a Pak Studies paper but for sure they were in class 9 or 10 I was shocked to see that the coolest of these kids were hugging their drivers and body guards and having halwa puri with them.  When I sniffed the air I noticed why because the punjent smell of charas in the air.  Oddly enough these kids were having joints rolled for them by their drivers and body guards. 

The conversations consisted of how much money would be involved in going for a summer vacation to the north with buddies and how much they could score from the KPK region and how daddy's position would ensure they got delivery at homes though the pushtoon drivers / guards.  What totally floored me was that some kids were even talking about buying ecstasy for their “chicks” instead of a cellphone to get some “poondi” via twitter from suppliers of quality stuff from Dubai and UK.

What was refreshing to see that the middle-class still existed because they were the ones who had to leave to go home in shared transport and a mother or a relative would be picking them up.  Also these not so cool "poor" kids simply could not afford to indulge in such pleasures which burger parents supposedly do not know about. 

I am terrified today because when I was a kid my friends had my back and would stop me as much as they could from doing these ridiculous things.  Today we are breeding a completely false set of values into the next generation by giving them way too much freedom because these kids lie to their parents because they simply do not respect them.

Parents please don’t trust others in raising your kids and try to compensate your own responsibilities with expensive gifts.  If you can’t raise your kids poison them and get over with it but don’t burn their souls with negligence. 

This is a sign that judgment day is near because I predict out of common sense that if tomorrows elite adults will be crack heads we can expect to see wives, mothers, sisters & daughters for sale on OLX!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013



I feel ashamed to be known as a resident of the city of Karachi and for sure when I travel the color of my passport is not a favored color anywhere in the world today due to the insane picture presented by the world media about what dishonest lunatics we as a people really are.

Those whom we consider to be geriatrics today tell us stories of when laughter filled the streets of Karachi and people knew what liberty and justice was.  Our elders tell us stories about emotional and personal freedom that we find hard to believe because we as an entire nation have not felt safe for as long as democracy became a war cry for anyone looking for attention.   

Let’s face it we are an infant country that simply does not know how to manage the freedom it obtained through democracy on Independence Day in 1947.  Our leaders whom we have elected are the root cause of all our problems and each and every one of them is hungry for media attention which they manage to get whilst making phone calls or opening cricket stadiums or dancing with the Bedouins.

It makes no difference what “party” you belong to or what sect of religion you might belong to because today you my countryman are at your worst when it comes to politics because you are the root cause of all this evil.  You voted the fanatics who run this insecurity parade and you gave them the courage to demand a 21 bomb salute every month throughout the country.

You can blame the west all you want but at the end of the day you as a country have the strength to live by the pillars of Islam and take it all back and bring peace back to this land.  If you are so pious as a people then why are you so torn apart by the idol worship of clerics who lead you around like sheep being led to a senseless slaughter?  If you are so “family” oriented and your mother’s sons and your father’s daughters then why is it that you do not care enough for the future of your own children that you are willing to take a stand from an educated platform where it will make sense to the world?  Lastly why as a nation are you only willing to overcome each other’s faults when it comes to watching a cricket match?

Our children’s future has been gambled away by threats on phone calls, our wives kitchen expenses have been robbed by parchis attached to bullets and our nation has lost the ability to go to work due to the transport mafia being scared to go out on the roads.  The past twenty five years has clearly demonstrated that we do not have the ability to digest democracy!  It is pointless to blame anyone when you will keep on re-electing the same goof troupe every time the Army gives you a fresh start. 

If you as a nation are trying to state that you have the ability to withstand the test of time regarding patience and honor then you are going about it wrong.  Your streets are shut and your offices empty means that you do not have the ability to progress and feed your family and that is not martyrdom in fact it is stupidity.  The solution is there before you and you need to have the right people lead this nation.  You need to take back what Jinnah fought for and also what Islam is all about…  “Peace!”

Tuesday, December 3, 2013



When we grew up in the early eighties, life was filled with innocence and fun.  Parents were parents and invested an immense amount of time with us “kids”.  Enter the nineties and both our generations got so caught in trying to simplify life and living that we lost our ability to relax and have family time as everything became so complicated and stressed out with technology. 

Blame it on cellphones, computers or the famous television and you will see that we as a nation got lost in translating good into evil and got lost in price wars and what we thought as a generation gap between us and our parents was actually a void that to this date has never been filled.

If you honestly look at the average family globally you will see that most people today have kids for all the wrong reasons.  It can be to fulfill a formality for the elders who in their own worlds are undergoing an acceptability crisis in this new techno centric world or mostly to hold onto a marriage where there never was an understanding or acceptance of two differing values within two people.

Our children today have an amazing ability to inwardly process and digest information at a quicker and much faster pace that we did.  Most youth today are able to write their own careers and invent their own positions within organizations which was unheard of in the late 80’s.  In those days it was much simpler where you were a doctor a lawyer or a very simple person that had a steady pathway that was chosen for you.

Most colleges today have an extremely high rate of applicants who do not know where they want to be after four years when they enter college.  Most people in Pakistan have been going through a huge identity crisis with the dissolution of the middle class and every child finds it to be his or her birth right to question the adults immediately around them.

Our values are now listed as fast food, music and internet.  Our heritage is colorfully considered to be  Eminem, Pit-bull  and Justin Bieber.  We are now witnessing a generation that considers a repetitive computer generated sound byte as classical music.  Most of the artwork in the films of today relates to CGI’s and a complete false sense of surreal portrayal of liberties and values.  Life is spinning so out of control that what was new 5 seconds ago is history and short lived and remembered within the blink of an eye. 

Sadly the same can be said for the romance we saw as kids in religious and family occasions.  We are losing control of what we had so preciously guarded which was our culture and if parents don’t stop trying to be politically correct friends to their kids and start acting like our parents we will lose control of this youth  and they will lose control of what we have which is known as Pakistan!

Sunday, December 1, 2013



Ok now let’s get this straight!  I believe that the media and anyone with facial hair is tooting horns about the atrocities of the never-ending drone attacks.  Well I sat my uneducated brain down and thought for a second and this is what I concluded.

The Afghan Mujahedeen and the peoples of the KPK region and their ancestors have walloped the senses out of not only the Russians but any invaders ever since the history books have been written.  Now Most of these drones are worth about a couple of million dollars each and launched out of Pakistan apparently.  

The KPK people are tired of this endless bombing and are now asking for help from those who fear to go into that region due to the following reasons.

  1. Darra produces more quality weapons on a bad day than any amount of fruit that is ever harvested in the entire country in one season.  Other than narcotics the KPK is globally most famous for its stockade of homemade state of the art weapons than anywhere in the world. 

  1. The people are basically nut-jobs who you just cannot seem to reason with because they are an overtly emotional lot and if you argue over a chess game or checkers it will always end up in a decade long tribal feud which no one will ever be able to figure out how the queen got ousted by the knight 3 or two moves ago and the pawns will always be the most treasured pieces in the war.

So in short why on earth don’t these tribal Jihadi’s back water mosquitos take matters into their own hands and sting the US where it truly hurts and that is in their pockets – They need to knock down a couple of drones themselves every week until it becomes so expensive that the US considers another option or tries to nuke our soil.  (Which will never happen)

Sadly this is left to the hands of the politicians who are milking it for all the fame they have and now this needs to be resolved or this will become another stupid mess like the Kashmir issue.  We are sick and tired of the people relying upon justice that will never come through peace treaties, SRO’s Geneva Convention acts and amendments to foreign policy.  The worst thing is that our children are paying the cost for the insecurities of a few guys sitting behind a remote control and between the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches they play counterstrike with real lives.

I wish the most heavily armed peoples of the world would take up arms and save the limbs of the next generation and stop demanding the media pay heed to their cause because it’s too busy lost in Holly, Bolly or Lolly wood somewhere!  Making a movie against terrorism does not help the fact that kids are suffering for no fault of their own!