Thursday, October 10, 2013



I know of someone who paid a price for friendship at a cost that no person in this side of the bridge would understand.  Being not so pure himself he befriended a chap whom he had known all his life because the chap wanted help to sort someone out through his contacts. 

As time grew this relationship became one sided and it was all about stroking the inferiority complexed ego that he was used to himself by living on the “right side of the bridge”  His friend wrote emotional cheques that always bounced, made it a point to protect his own self-inflicted insecurities with liquid resolve that just added to his problems and the true victims of his social nuclear fallout were those who were closest to him which he could count on the fingers of both his hands.

This someone was used and abused like a “Saathi” condom being recycled in every way shape and form and yet he stuck by his principles of ignoring the buddy’s addiction to attention by giving him all of it and even more.  This someone who prided himself for being intelligent actually was a fool to have ignored the fundamentals and basis of addiction… “One more is never enough” 

Today this someone who had himself become a forced addict to humiliation had to resort to drastic measures at the cost of cutting the umbilical cord of disrespect and going cold turkey.  The sad thing about addiction is that once a person is an addict they are an addict for life… 

Sadly people do not understand that addiction is not chemical induced only… it is a state of mind for example what we refer to as “pathological liars” are those who have an addiction to lying.  The human mind and body produces enough of natural intoxicants that are safe yet become extremely volatile if a check and balance on reality and sincerity are not met.  The worst thing that an addict has to face are the memories of the past which will haunt them till their last breath… 

Never underestimate an addict (sheep) and never overestimate the Shepherd…

Wednesday, October 9, 2013



There was a man who struck the fear of God in those politicians who had no religion leave alone humanity…  he fought for humanity and then there was the same man who was so obnoxious that when the nation had boring debates he was invited due to his bold brash candid approach which would make the world’s most vicious scoundrels blush…  I remember there was a man who was as scared as he was fearless and his closest friends were strangers who believed in his ridiculous kamikaze approach to what was fair.  There was a man who once lived under the hypocrisy of projected fear and exposed the tyranny that every regime projected in the form of a safe future.  There was a man who the world thought would never die and live forever and countless candles were lit at altars praying that he become one of God’s favorites. 

There was a man who had the strength to question the wrong and fight for the right yet no one joined him in his battles only wanted the credit for his war victories… This man lived a life of sin according to the pure politicians whom he ever so often questioned and Lucifer was afraid that if he left this earth he might just install air-conditioning in Hades.  He was a nuclear arsenal of words that put the queen to shame when he put his pen to paper and he was a man who shook the foundations of what people believed to be convenient feudalism.  There was a man who was able to move urban mountains (buildings) single handedly and this man changed a lot through his volatile and super passive yet aggressively vicious passion for the truth…  There was this old man who drove around in a silver convertible in nothing but a straw hat yet had the biggest heart that a philanthropist could have possessed.

There was this man who as we know it was the last of the Mohicans, the flame that lives on in each of as the Samurai who had the sharpest sword in the form of wit and honor to defend what was right.  His body left this earth and as the news of his demise spread I thought that those who feared him the most had flocked like a murder of crows to see for themselves that this “thorn in their side” was actually not breathing.  As the last rites were performed and I saw these scoundrels there I realized that each and every one of them was there out of respect for the honesty and sincerity with which he had led his life.  I realized that even though many regimes have tried to engrave their legacy in the form of renaming buildings and airports this man had left his mark eternally on how one should define journalism in the purist form.

The man I am talking about is the man I miss the most today “Ardeshir Cowasjee”, he was my inspiration to face my fears and overlook the odds that challenged me and to always consider every situation with “the glass is always half full”.  I wrote this post in the honor and the loving memory of a person that many of us bloggers and journalists were secretly fond of but never supported publicly when alive and today I wish we have the courage to practice the honesty & integrity that he did in our version of the convenient truth that the media presents today!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013



In Pakistan everything sells and oddly enough what is so obnoxious as a brand name usually winds up getting millions examples are One pound fish – 7 crores from PTCL & a UK 1st class passport, Mr EYE 2 EYE – 2.5 Crores from Vimple (Mobilink) etc. amongst other endorsements and then last but yet least “Malala”

I am sure that the radical who tried to do away with her today stands at the prayer mat cursing his bad luck that she has become the poster girl for modern day yuppies and is now a convenient brand name that the Government and NGO’s can milk to get funding and distract the masses whilst the country goes bad to worse…

It is sad that a young girl is being prostituted by the various social organizations who are milking her mis-fortune and creating a monster that yet again they will be unable to control as we all know that the peoples of the KPK are a law unto themselves as the general social trend seems to go.   Why did I choose the word “Prostituted” because if you believe in the 5 pillars of Islam then modesty and humility are some of the fundamentals of our religion that billions die for and our so called charitable organizations are buying, selling and profiting from her name and misfortune…

It seems to me that all the social organizations have got their claws deep into this little girl who is now totally confused about her identity and makes statements like “I want to be a politician” whilst she takes pictures with the likes of Bono & Beckham’s does not have a clue as to how respected Pakistani politicians are.  I do not know why she is being martyred in their own separate Karbalas.  This is a girl who got a new lease on life and the press and everyone bought it, and owned it.  She is a teenager who does not know better and what the press, governments and NGO’s are doing to her has to be the “Mother of all emotional and social gang bang’s” in the history and according to me even superseded the scum that the Nazi’s pulled in World War 2.

Bakra Eid is coming and it will not surprise me if you find out one day she is gone and forgotten because she was just a number because another new more heinous victim of another obnoxious tragedy has popped up on the NGO’s & Government’s charts.  I hope that society realizes that they can only milk a child so much before she turns in a monster they cannot control…  Do we need another Dr. Aafia?  Do we need another reason to have Dharna’s / protests & shut down our cities?

Monday, October 7, 2013



After World War 2 in the Indian sub-continent a need was felt for a nation that would provide refuge and be a safe haven for an odd handful of Muslims.  So with the help of many Western allies borders were carved and a foundation was formed where the modern world welcomed it with open arms. 

Being declared as another "Melting Pot for homeless Muslims" the world wanted to heal its citizens wounds and gave it all the love and attention it desired if not more. This state had all kinds of support and it flourished.  Being an Islamic republic it was considered to be the a land of extreme potential because its citizens believed that in a rapidly growing religion that stood upon 5 pillars that defined how one should spend their life on earth. 
1.    Shahadah: declaring there is no god except God, and Muhammad is God's Messenger
2.    Salat: ritual prayer five times a day
3.    Sawm: fasting and self-control during the blessed month of Ramadan
4.    Zakat: giving 2.5% of one’s savings to the poor and needy
5.    Hajj: pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime[5][6] if he/she is able to do[7]

With these 5 pillars that its citizens followed at one point shortly after its independence this nation had the best Airlines in the world and had the most amount of friends with a strong currency that was respected immensely just as its citizens were.  When its presidents and leaders would visit the likes of New York they would get standing ovations and ticker tape parades.  This infant country was so respected that the first men on the moon even paid homage to it when they needed some time off. 

Today, this state 66years later is referred to as the “ironic Republic Of Extremistan”.  Its currency is in turmoil, its leaders are so hypocritical that the west which was its biggest investor and ally now refuse to pick up its presidents phone calls and its citizens in struggling to find their confused identity are more torn apart internally than a social time bomb about to implode. 

When one tries to understand “Extremistan” one realizes that its own politicians and extremist sectarian fundos are responsible for its self-destruction.  Hidden agendas and daily acts of violence nationwide have set everyday examples and have defined a parallel set of rules on how to violate human rights.  Today its citizens are more in fear of their lives and so frustrated that they seem to have forgotten about the original ethos behind which this nation was founded. 

Somehow the world knows that this nations was founded as a “safe haven” but in the 1980’s it was a “safe haven for drug dealers” then in the 1990’s it was a “safe haven for arms dealers” and now in the next millennium it is considered to be a “safe haven for violent extremists” that are not accepted anywhere in the world.

Today anthropologists globally are still wondering how could a nation that was founded on love, passion and honest faith have flipped so quickly.  Ok bad things happen and not every day is a good day but how on earth could an entire culture throw away all its values that had a firm grip of reality and now be drowning in an insecure daily life of insecurity and unsurity?

If you think I the author am being Cheeky and rude and disrespectful then please do consider yoru surroundings as I ask you a few questions…

1. Is the average citizen in more than 12% debt personally? (Inclusive of personal loans and credit cards) 
2. Are you as a citizen safe and secure in your own home and are you truly emotionally and mentally free to walk around with your new i-Phone 5s on the street in Karachi?
3. Do you feel like you are living in a progressive nation or do you feel although your daily life is just another page in the most exciting chapter of George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”?
4. How much did your neighbour spend in these so called “tough times” on a prize bull that he will only slaughter to appease the masses that matter?

I rest my case!  We are suffering extreme injustice, poverty, at the hands of those who we elected because we ignored the seven deadly sins we were asked to avoid by the Almighty!  Irrespective of what religion you follow these 7 sins are the basis of any religion because today we have lustfully pillaged each other’s homes out of greed and indulged in an orgy of gluttony. 

There is so much potential and analysts say that it will take an uprising to put matters at rest.  Maybe a civil war that will cleanse the ideology of “piri muridi” which runs rampantly is badly required?  All I can say is we as a nation are just as guilty as those we blame for our dysfunctional nation because it takes two hands to clap and we allowed this to happen to us…

In a few days when you offer sacrifice to cleanse you of your sins ask only one question…  “Is it really worth taking a life if tomorrow it’s back to grindstone of Extremism again?