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I am totally disgusted with the SWOT’s Groups Admins & here are my reasons why!

Groups on Social Media (Especially SWOTS) which are meant to be for free are violating policies where by they state that if a business wants to post about its services then they must pay for it which is illegal (talking about the travel GHQ SWOTS group) – this is against the policies of Facebook here -

Members join SWOTS to get help and information from within a community as they need help or advice and have had a tough time somewhere already.  However the Admins of SWOT are not at all informed about anything and only post biased posts as far as their personal experiences go!  Their rebuttals and responses are emotionally based and always not supported with a link from a credible source!  So basically as group owners they are violating the cyber crime bill of Pakistan and giving false information which can lead to additional complications / problems for the members emotionally & financially!  Here are the consequences of doing or endorsing such acts  and what the Cyber Crime Bill is all about -

The admins when questioned act like Demi Gods and try to put down anyone who does not agree to their comments!  There have also been a lot of rumors online (google them) where lot of the Admins use their status in the SWOT’s food group to bully actual restaurant owners into freebies and black mail a lot of people in many ways and abuse their power (If you think I am wrong simply Google Complaints Against Facebook SWOT Admins ) & links like this one will pop up

It is extremely sad as I was informing everyone about travel concerns and one of the Admins started rebutting everything I would post with reference links!   His opinions were based upon personal experiences.  His profile stated that he was in Spain so when I questioned him about his experience to comment on every post without proof it got ugly! 

When I stated he was wrong and provided links and facts to support my argument - things got ugly! 

I also asked why he did not approve my post to do a community event for the groups members who reached out to me and he refused to answer that rather he just kept getting more and more personal and when I said kick me out (if you feel I am violating any rules ) eventually he did for no reason – a lot of the community members wanted help and I took time to do some good but this illiterate attention craving admin could not see it!

Eventually I looked him up and who he was before I asked why the comments about Pakistan Travel  if he was in Spain to which a member said he was based in Karachi not Barcelona – when I asked him why this false location the (Admin) chap said for tax purposes and his real business is to sell potato something’s and beer???  He did everything to make into a personal debate and get into a conflict but had no answer for any of my questions supported with facts  other than he was doing something in selling potato something and beer (is that even legal in Pakistan to state on a group that you sell beer without a license?)   Well as the Admin / owner of the group he left a digital foot print so lets get the answer to that question here

When no respect was given to the objective question I promised to write this blog and within minutes I was kicked out!   My objective was to help fellow community members and his was to be a smart ass bully!  It is so sad that un-educated, ill informed people are admins of such groups who use some sort of  Social media status to bully and get their way around those who are not informed!  It is extremely disgusting that people actually believe people like this! 

Please note that all groups are not bad and I am only stating my personal reasons how a supposed social media authority (really?) treated and disrespected me!  Rather than address my questions he acted like a brat and made me feel totally unwelcome in every sense by making unqualified, un researched comments based upon his own travel experiences without any supporting evidence on subjects like visa information etc, that the community members wanted to know about and be educated about!

This is NOT personal and I’m sure the gentleman may be a wonderful man in his own capacity and I do not judge him as a person because I do not know him in person but seriously question his ability to manage a group where people have joined seeking help and information from the way he behaved with me. 

Today Social media is misused by many people but with the changing laws globally one must adhere to a code of ethics leave alone common sense because there are consequences for ALL the administrators of the group who if they do not protest will also be held liable under this bill here -

Please leave a comment if such a thing happened with you – good or bad!  Please be objective and not personal

To report such a thing if it happens to you go to this link here -

Feel free to inbox me on FaceBook or Linked in if you want any advice or help with questions about anything for that matter as I like to make new friends
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Please be positive and stand up for your rights based upon facts not personal reasons!  (But research and know your rights first!)

Thank you,

Please leave a comment if such a thing happened with you – good or bad!  Please be objective and not personal! 

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