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Two days ago I asked a question on SWOTS guide group as to why people keep asking for the same old destinations like Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka & Dubai. I got so many inbox messages from people and friends which made me realize two things.  (these are my observations and you do not have to agree with them but this is what I realized)
1.     Everyone is impulsive and do not plan their travel or holidays out – mostly people do not take time or have the time to sit as a family and decide what they want to do and what their objectives are  so they try to cram way too much in the form of expectations in their tour which when once paid for is non refundable if not used so a relaxing trip can become a stressful nightmare running from one attraction to the next venue to attend something else (people need to calmly first sit down and decide what their priorities are or will be partying or cultural sights etc. or cater to the kids)
2.     Everyone is relying on everyone or someone else and their experiences and has not got the time or the knowledge to decipher the hidden things online when it comes to travelling!
3.     Finding a decent travel agent who will guide you properly is a nightmare as travel agents in Pakistan or India only want to work on low effort – high commission based revenue destinations due their internal settings with airlines and the biggest excuse they throw to force people to buy the same boring packages is based upon visa complications and timelines.

Based upon these frustrations vented by the community members in a huge volume via whatsapp and inbox messages I decided to list down a few alternatives and why you should definitely go there – Please bear in mind I am extremely concerned about many things as when I travel for fun or leisure I need to consider a 3 year old toddlers needs as well as a 10 year old sons needs who wants to explore everything and gets bored within a minute as well as plan the tour so that my wife truly gets a break in this whole trip as she is a full time mom and working parent like me so she is the biggest priority.  Also getting the biggest value for money is my concern as well.

You may not like or agree with these destinations as your social circle may find them not as cool as they believe them to be but I strongly believe you should go to these Pakistan friendly places at least once in your life with the family! 

NOTE – Airline ticket rates are subject to season and change daily as do hotel rates so I can only give rough guesstimates wherever possible – you need to see your travel agent for that and with regard to visas and their regulations – don’t be fooled rather refer to this link on WikiPedia which is daily updates if you are still confused as a Pakistani citizen then simply google the nearest consulate or embassy and look up details there or it would be better to call your self!


I recommend Kenya a lot as its simply awesome to spend the evening in your own family tent in the jungle with others around you and wake up to see lions, cheetahs and giraffes wandering around.  Forget what anyone will tell you but being Visa on Arrival for Pakistanis it is an amazing place to go for a week as your kids will totally go wild with awe.  Kenyan Airlines is Awesome but if you fly through emirates you can simply tie in a few days in Dubai for a few extra dollars to get those seasonal shopping discounts!


Now this is an awesome destination as its 30 days e-visa for Pakistanis – again it’s a great place to see the sights and is very friendly towards our people.  If you go in winters you get the European Experience of snow and all the fun activities the city has and also get a lot of great shopping deals (maximum time I would recommend there is not more than 4 – 5 days) – oh yes the food is also halal and great – you must try the local vendors


If you want the scariest landing that a plane can do which will be scarier BUT safer than Chitral or Gilgit then Katmandu is the airport to land in.  Being Visa on arrival it is the best place to walk in the clouds – so if you thought murree was gorgeous you will simply go insane with all the activities to do with your family and the places to see – they love our people and the food choices are amazing and it’s a cheap flight but I would not recommend you spend more than 5 -6 days if you have kids. 


I love this country as it loves people from my country and it has the most beautiful of the west being half in Europe and then half in Asia.  Oh yes its got a massive muslim population and has some of the most amazing architecture in the form of Mosques Cathedrals and Shopping areas.  The food is cheap and it has everything from great urban shopping deals to rural seaside golf courses in Antalya that you can relax and chill out at!  Turkish Airlines is the best carrier to fly there and the visa is easy to get if your paperwork and travel agent is solid – it took my wife & family 6 days to get her visa as there was a weekend involved and it was painless at all and the consulate in Karachi was very polite and extremely helpful. Again a country with so much to offer yet easy on the wallet


Everyone thinks about Dubai yet does not realize that Qatar is simply rocking because right now it is what Dubai was in the 1990’s.  Their airline Q-Air Qatar Airways is excellent and their new airport Hamad International Airport is a city by its self that is amazing - - Doha can be seen within a whole day as it’s a small city but it has some amazing shopping malls and their shopping deals are awesome.  Doha is a place or Qatar is a country that due to the present crisis is offering excellent deals on shopping air tickets etc. and they respect our people a lot.  I really like its simplicity and al the value one can get.  My advice – go there at least once and look around – you might just want to open a business there.


It is a fantastic country to visit and people may not know this but it has a huge Ismaili / Aga Khani as well as Bohri and Memon community.  Donot dismiss this country as you have a lot of sightseeing to do as well as some great food to eat – its cheap on the wallet and really welcomes people to work with it and its governments.  It’s a great place to see with your family for a relaxing nature based adventure and the pictures you take will be worth framing


Which ever idiot told you that visas are an issue needs to be corrected in public.  Lets get one thing straight. All these countries have an Embassy in Pakistan and a Consulate in the major cities.  These countries opened these embassies to promote trade culture and an exchange of ideologies.  Embassies and Consulates only ask for proper documentation which if respected will be glad to give you a visa so that you can go to their countries as they like UAE make money from what you spend.  Embassies and consulates are NOT racist gatekeepers there to make your lives miserable.  All you need is a good travel agent who has a in house visa section to help you fill out the forms and do the running around for you (if you are working or a house wife) as you will or MUST submit your applications to the embassy or their visa drop box facility IN PERSON.

I have tons of options here for all kinds of people like for example Euro Disney is a must in Paris followed by visits to the chalets and the Louvre (museum) or if you are interested in doing a little more  then you can get one visa from anyone country where you will start your journey and then take the train and go to all the other countries as well at a really reduced cost – so your kids and family get more value at a discounted price (Schengen Visas allow that )

If you have specific requirements and really would like to go then send me an email as this is custom tour work and I will refer you to someone in Karachi to help you!

For now this should be enough but there are many more options out there for you to consider as well but inbox me or email me with your specific country that you want to visit. Bear in mind that countries like Brazil, Finland or Iceland sound exotic but the lowest ticket fare from Karachi to Brazil starts at US$ 5,400/- (approximately) as there are multiple flights to be changed (Airlines) then the flight time and airport lay overs make the journey exhausting as it is between 32 – 41 hours for the whole journey so it is pointless to do it with small kids! (estimates given only)

Feel free to inbox me on FaceBook or Linked in if you want any advice or help with questions about visas, destinations or anything for that matter specially if you are travelling with kids or are disabled like me
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If you would like any personal services from us please feel free to inbox me or email me at and I will ask my team to help you in whatever way they can from Pakistan or Dubai!

Thank you,

1.  That I am in the travel industry myself and this post is not to solicit business but to rather inform and help people I see who really could use some sound advice rather than going to the same old boring destinations as they are or were incorrectly informed!
2. Even if you do not give me or my company your business I hope that you have a great travel experience & only request that you please like / share this post if you found any value in it!  

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