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Will Gawadar Real Estate Investments be Pakistan's FIRST next bubble to pop soon?

Dear Friends,

I mean no disrespect but as you are in Real Estate I need to ask you these questions, which I feel, will benefit all our people in this group related to Gawadar.  I have gotten some negative feed back about investors security from people and potential buyers here in Dubai about our own projects which I cannot seem to answer. 

I hope you can answer these questions for our investors and me to assure them about security with some solid proof from the Government of Pakistan NOT the Government of Baluchistan!

The situations presented below along with questions that are asked have all been in the public press which government supports via related emails – press releases or news paper adverts

In the past few months investors have seen activity in the Gawadar market more erratic than the stock exchange where people have bought a piece of property (or file) in the morning and by the evening sold the same file or property for a ridiculous profit – this is ok for the average trader but the serious investor blames this erratic non-regularized trade also for the authenticity of the plots of land for which there might be more than one file floating around.  How can one assure serious investors who would like to do bulk buying of a steady and stable Return on investment without the complications from the government?

About three weeks ago it was declared that the Gawadar Development Authority scrapped all deals and demarcations only to come up with a further better system.  The traders built up the hype and trading became rapid with everyone focused on secure trading? But when it came to transfers of files and ownership documented by the government a lot of disputes took place and a reality is that Gawadar is technologically not as advanced with Internet or mobile communications so the Government system files were not in place or a provision for the government was not there!  How can we ensure to our end customer (not trader) that there is enough technical support in the market to insure purchases are approved and supported by some form of Government system?

Then about 3 – 4 days ago it was shared in the press and everyone approved even your selves that the Chinese Government had now yet again decided to build a new and revised better master plan for the GDA and all old demarcations would be held in question until this plan?  How can the Gawadar authority be so erratic where it scrapped the previous GDA approved town planning and went ahead with this new plan led by the Chinese?  Ho many people suffered a loss or problems due to this infrastructural change (I am talking about investors not traders like you or me) as no body is talking about bad news only about how great Gawadar investments are?

Then TWO days ago WhatsApp and social Media and news groups shared news about a Kafeel system (just as the same in Dubai) – this may seem impressive to some people (the words just like Dubai) but the negative feedback where the focus has been shifted from has been “KAFEEL” as we all know how a KAFEEL can behave – further to that when there is a federal democratic government of Pakistan the Baluchi’s have always stood in opposition to this and we all know the history of how they have behaved with regard to Sui Gas so this leaves our investors even more insecure with regard to the facts that
a.     Again a system change has happened
b.     People trust the Government of Pakistan with whom the CPEC agreement is and not the Government of Baluchistan who has been known to be erratic in its behavior
c.      People are not at all comfortable in having some “KAFEEL” in Pakistan where the law is convenient to the fact of might is right and not like Dubai where the Shariah Laws applies to ALL especially the KAFEEL

All my potential clients in Dubai are now holding decisions to ensure there will be stability within the system and not just a benefit for the traders as there is a cost to everything which so far is only being borne by the client and the only people benefitting are the traders and supposed government of Gawadar which seems to be acting like an erratic law unto its self?

Every investor seems to want stability and for that a solid stable and consisted platform of government and regulations needs to be there which so far do not seem to exist due to such rapid changing of policies! 

My question to all is that “is Gawadar going to inevitably be Pakistan’s next  but FIRST real estate financial bubble that will pop” as we all should learn from the Middle East bubbles that have popped many a recent few years ago?

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