Monday, October 10, 2016


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I write this as a proud global Muslim citizen who feels that the world needs to know why Donald Trump running for the US Presidency is a great thing for the entire global community! 

For decades the Muslim world has been subjected to all kinds of emotional stress and turmoil because of the simple fact that the United States felt that the Middle East needed “Freedom”.  What the Muslim world cried tears of blood about in front of the United Nations for decades was always whitewashed by the corrupt western media who refused to display that the US treasury is not so well off and that the United States is quite a lot of debt itself.

Every time their people started crying about recession, inflation or what not the United States through the help of their intelligence agencies shifted the focus of the American People from “real” American issues to the Middle East.  The Middle East or the Muslim world to the United States has always been an enemy they loved to hate yet hated to love because of the oil.
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Referring to the US news media and history of only the past 6 months has proven that a white Caucasian of any descent can take an automatic weapon and massacre people in night clubs in Florida or in a school in the mid-west and will get a slap on the wrist and simply be written off as being extremely emotionally unstable and will need to see a therapist.  However, a geriatric Muslim woman holding a US passport in a Hijab will be subjected to a body cavity search at any airport as she will be considered to be a threat.  Should she speak in an accent on an airplane, security will be called and she will be forced off the aircraft because people feel scared.

Forget the illusion of equal rights because the Western media spreads fear immensely.  We have only seen what Fox news has shown us which is, that any color other than white is an enemy of the state or threat in some way shape or form.  (and I am referring to those people of color who hold US passports) Irrespective of what a political analyst will tell you or what the media will always try to cover up a brute harsh reality has been displayed before us of exactly what the American Dream stands out.  Hollywood and the Television media in all its shows spread fear and depict a brute reality that unless you are white you will be profiled in some way and the usual suspects must be Muslim or foreign.
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A brute reality of the here and the now is that the western media is so captivated by ratings that it has successfully given us a true insight into what fears the Muslim world has had.  Donald Trump and his campaign capitalizing on the fears of what the media created highlighted the simple fact that Muslims along with any other country are or have been harassed for ages by the United States and its intelligence agencies with all their meddling!  The funny thing is that as a country stolen from the Native Americans and built by immigrants the people themselves have a zero tolerance for immigrants! 

Under the Red White & Blue Bald American Eagle the American people have in these past few months displayed their true colors.  Today there is more fear within the United States than there ever was before and when I write this I do not refer to the common people who live in the hick towns.  I refer to yet another monster that the US created and then could not control in the form of Donald Trump.  This candidate running to manage a country that says it is the pioneer of the free world concept has sent shivers down the spines of every republican, democrat and independent. 

The media created this monster for the people and now realized that the old quote that “Karma or what goes around comes around!” is a horrific reality as their own creation is out to destroy them in every way.  These elections have proven the fact that for once rather than finding new enemies to hate they need to muzzle what they mistook was an attention seeking puppy turned out to be a no holds barred vicious Pit Bull.  For decades the media has always had excuses to cover up everything and now this election has shown that if anyone had to win then it was not going to be on positivity and who the better candidate was rather it was going to be on the ground on what dirt one could dig up on the other person.
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Trumps campaign based on thug guerrilla warfare at first was entertaining if not ridiculous.  But the reality was that as the monster grew within a mindless nation of people who had been bred on fear by the media the reality became horrific as nobody had a solution to contain it.  Trump openly went after every fear of the American people highlighting everything negative and in doing so proved what the Muslim world had been complaining about.  It can be noted that since the past few months with the United States and its media in an utter disarray trying to put a leash on Trump and his ways the western press stopped highlighting stories about the Middle East. 

The really cool thing is that Trumps campaign has done good for the Muslim world as in the past 3 months as he has gotten more and more obnoxious people have stopped talking about Gaza, Palestine & the Middle East.  With the focus off our regions we may not have an ideal situation but things definitely have calmed down.  It seems that the US military and how many drone strikes are happening are not the focus on the war on terror because they realized that they themselves are terrible! 
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I for one pray that Donald Trump gets elected because his 1930’s style of going fisticuffs with his own people will definitely keep the American people so busy that the US foreign policy will be to focus on building relationships rather than trying to free those who do not need it! 

The Middle East & North Africa despite all its shortfalls is a region where Islam is predominant.  Islam is a religion of peace and acceptance.  Islam is a religion that forgives and honestly as a Muslim I feel God is doing to the US in the form of Trump what they have done to the world.  What baffles me is the fact that this is a nation who has been fighting for freedom for over 80% of its existence with the entire world when its true enemies are its own people! 

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Ever since Donald Trump started running for president the world started becoming a calmer place!  Sometimes you just really don’t need help from any capitalist big brother because every country if given a chance can fix its own affairs.  Life has a way of balancing its self out and in the reality of the here and the now Trump is a blessing to any citizen of any country other than the United States. 

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