Monday, October 31, 2016

Khans Agenda

 Khan’s Agenda
Who created this monster for PMLN?

Before you read on please note that I did NOT belong to any political party or support any politician and these are my thoughts and observations as a Pakistani citizen who is watching all the drama unfold on the local Pakistani news channels.  With all this hype there is an undecided silent majority that questions what is all the drama and fuss around Imran Khan & What is his real agenda?  Thanks to the media I too decided to support Imran Khan from now on!

Pakistan is a nation that follows trends and not one that likes to create trends.  As of late Imran Khan has been in the foreground getting a whole lot of media time and attention because he is screaming that he will get answers for the people of Pakistan from those who robbed the country!  As a citizen one needs to understand the situation in its entirety before basing a judgement so let’s get a few things straight and get some answers here.

Most politicians have had their careers handed down through dynastic rule!  Most political parties have a strong buildup of feudal lords along with those people whose grandparents ruled this country.  Imran Khan built his party from the ground up and his supporters consist of those who do have college degrees and can think for themselves.  

Imran’s agenda is quite simple where he is asking questions around accountability and the government is doing everything but answer his questions.  Hyper inflating his supporters coming to the capital is not a mutiny as the country of Pakistan is a democracy and its people do have a right to gather where and when they want.  Most people who were indifferent or did not support Imran Khan are now emotionally sympathetic towards him for what the government is doing so his support is growing due to the efforts of his opposition who are trying to suppress him.

Stories about weapons, contraband and alcohol being found in his supporter’s vehicles and riots in Islamabad and brutality from his supporters are unwarranted and have left the entire country feeling empathetic towards Khan Sahib because everyone knows how honest your local cops are and can relate to the unfair practices that they themselves have been witness to.  

The funny thing is that the man that his opposition calls a monster and claims is out to destroy the country is a self-created element where they are doing everything but answer the questions that he or any citizen has a right to ask from their government.  What people don’t really get is the fact that Imran Khan no longer cares about being the Prime Minister of the country because he has gone into that “Pathan” mode where he is stuck on getting answers and you cannot negotiate or buy your way out of this one element of a Pathan “jub us ki sui kahin atak jaye”.

Whilst sitting on the sidelines I like the fact that those supporting him are educated technocrats and people from respectable backgrounds and not shady villagers out to get the maximum out of the city lights.  Imran’s supporters and his educated team are a good lot of people that anyone should trust the future of the country to.  He after all as a nation we all seem to be exhausted by dynastic politics and everyone is sick of believing that if we elect the same goof troupe then things will be different. 

Our masses are tired and disgusted by the disrespect shown by the lions of Punjab by their false promises and do not want to have anything to do with their cousins from Sindh either.  The country needs a fresh change of thought and oddly enough I strongly believe that Imran Khans policy on closing old books before opening new ones is exactly what terrifies anyone in power in the present regime.

Khan is a self-created politician who did not come to power on baap kamai like the rest of those who are doing everything to be evasive.  Khan has been struggling and I feel he is a good option because having the job of the Prime Minister of this country is quite a horrible task and if he is willing to try to lead the country to betterment then why not let PTI try!  I for one would support it because almost all their leaders do have college degrees and the ability to see reason and logic.  I feel assured that even though time sill be difficult at least it will be less painful and less emotionally expensive than dealing with those who simply run from accountability.

It does not matter what you believe but Khan Sahib does have a few very valid points and the assuring thing is that before he makes any decisions he seeks legal counsel.  I mean come on it’s about time we supported a so called “Monster” that the government themselves created by being evasive and giving him so much more air time.  It’s ridiculous how those in power have done everything but answer the questions of one man. 

I as a Pakistani citizen would like to see a management change in Pakistan and I for one irrespective of what anyone says will vote for Imran Khans party because it’s the next best thing to hope.   It’s stupid to endorse and support a repeat offender politician and expect them to change their habits so to me Khan is a viable option.  I thank the present politicians and press media for enabling me to decide what I want as a citizen of this country! 

Like me there must be those who are not that hard and fast supporters of any political party yet would do anything to ensure that dynastic politics comes to an end.  If you agree and are tired of being bullied and an unfair government then do share this post!

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