Saturday, October 8, 2016

2nd Term

Every election at the Karachi Gymkhana is a painful ordeal because emotions and underhanded politics along with personal agendas fueled by vanity overcome a sensible choice.  Last year after a whole lot of corruption was unveiled and the drama queen perpetrators were exposed what happened was that Mr. Fawad Saleem Malik seemed to be the only choice. 

Many questions arose with regard to the said gentleman that was democratically elected were highlighted but which basically boiled down to two things! 
  1. Fawad Salim Malik is way too inexperienced to handle the entire club and its politics with such a huge number of opponents?
  2. And then the reality of the here and the now which was will he bring a change to the club or will things just continue the way they have been?

After a year has gone by and the next year’s elections are about to happen in less than 90 days the politics has started again and your couch potato hyena’s who sulked for an entire year are out in the lobby and all the areas of the club trying to sink their teeth and claws into everyone to make sure they can run the club.  Again like all the permanent members I am forced to decide who will head our club for another year?

Before we run off on an emotional tangent which would be terribly unhealthy let’s look at all the facts in question which have transpired over these past 12 months and then decide if our President of the club is truly worth investing in for another 12 months.  If we are to vote him in then let’s go on his track record rather than coffee table hearsay and actually look at what he has done.  I am putting forward a few points which I observed over the past 10 odd months and I am sure you will be able to verify these as if you focus on what I am saying you will feel these changes in the Karachi Gym Khana too?
  1. The president first of all took a no nonsense approach towards corruption and held everyone accountable?  Whilst the management finally had the courage to expose the corruption with regard to our guest house we have been paying for "I as a member would like to know how those responsible for looting the club will be held accountable? and will they be made to pay for what they have stolen from our membership fees and be forced to pay for finishing our residence facility at the club?"
  2. With regard to corruption Fawad Salim Malik may seemed to have been inexperienced but however everyone got it wrong as he did not allow a lot of old custodians to manage areas where there could be corruption – so bottom line a lot of old people got upset and were replaced by fresh new management blood that actually would work for the club than rob it like the old regimes were doing
  3. People I have spoken to know is that Fawad may not agree with what everyone and has a very formal approach which may be mistaken for rudeness sometimes however the President takes the club very seriously so rather than politely smile and play meaningless politics he gives every comment serious thought.  The odd thing is that even those who may not like him say that he manages the club very professionally because everyone with ladies in the swimming area to our old dinosaurs that walk at the track can now openly voice their concerns and reservations.  It has never actually been about what money was spent where at the club because all our members wanted was is to be heard and most of all respected. Today in the club every member be them permanent or temporary has a voice that people will listen to and that too seriously!
  4. Another thing one will notice around the club is the simple fact that all the staff has started smiling since the past year because The Presidents management team is extremely fair and despite the politics the staff know that their committees are now approachable.  Where the staff was terrified to report pilferage they now know that they will get equal respect and feel happier in their jobs which in turn means that all our members and their families get service with a smile and when people do their jobs well out of a desire to work then your cost of running the club goes down because the staff is honest with you.
  5. If you ever walked in the back door entrance or gate in the past you would have shabby staff chewing gutka or paan and see the odd rat scurrying down the alley (& I don’t mean old MC members) in this past year the club has become cleaner and smells better and even the sports areas have been appreciated a lot.  The bathrooms don’t smell that horrible anymore and one gets a very homely feeling around the club once again like it was 10 years ago.
  6. To many old members the club was their second home but in the past it was always a bitter reality that your crazy mother-in-law ran its kitchens.  The food quality was horrible and what you paid for was not what you got.  In this past year the quality of the food got better and the ambiance became so family like that people started coming back to the club to revive old friendships and memories over a good quality inexpensive meal.  The catering of the club always had a lot to be desired but over these past few months the team has done an exceptional job in ensuring that quality is focused upon thus allowing the members to deliver the quantity demanded. 

(Photo Credit - Mr. Ali Chinoy)

Now the club has a long way to go and whilst the work to be done is immense one thing is for sure that the club in this past year did not have vast pools of money to recover its self-respect.  Fawad Salim Malik comes from a HR background and managing people is what he does best.  Despite the politics Fawad has this ability to unite and lead people which he has done so in these past 10 months.  This is the only president in the past decade who achieved so much because he empowered the honest right people to do the right job which was required.

Is the club perfect now? – NO!
Will Karachi Gymkhana ever be perfect? – NO!   
But is it better right now than what it has been in the past 6 years? – YES! (from my side) 

Do vote for Fawad Salim Malik as he & his Management Committee have truly earned your respect out of everything they have delivered in these past 12 months and not made a deal for it!

Before you cast your vote this year – look at the facts around you and then please cast your vote in the favor of this stability and progress being there for this coming year!  If you liked this blog post please do share it with your friends and ask them to share it too!

This post is an independent view point of a permanent member who has seen and witnessed developments in the club and is not meant for lobbying, advertising or political purposes - these are the authors own personal view points which he has a right to voice and wishes to share on his own and is not endorsed by anyone or any person and is NOT paid content as the author lives in the UK & UAE but whenever in Karachi frequents the club! 

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