Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Us Pakistani’s like to pride ourselves for keeping up with technology and buy the latest gadgets even though some of do not understand the true potential of those gadgets or how to use them.  We are an emotional lot and if someone we know has “something” we just need to have it irrespective of the costs.
Understanding Pakistan – Pakistan as a nation is blessed with everything that God could have gifted to a country.  You have vast mineral deposits and the most fertile soil in the sub-continent and should the land not suffice to feed its people Pakistan has an immense amount of wealth in the form of food from the Arabian Sea.  With all its resources Pakistan is extremely strategically placed on the map as a bridge for the western world into South East Asia ad this has been proven by the meddling of the western world by them giving birth to the Taliban and the Afghan Mujahedeen in our own back yard.
Let’s not delve into problems of the past as “Back to the Future” was only as good as the DeLorean made it look like.  However, we can only better our future with decisions as a society now so let’s think positively!  The next few years are going to be extremely challenging for us as a nation in many ways and when the world goes from your USB 3.0 version to a 4.0 version it would be good to know why things are happening. 
Job Markets – Today it’s a dual income household and the house wife of today is a lethal multi-tasking, war machine.  The latest surveys have shown that women who have their own professional lives actually make more productive members of society rather than bored coffee party moms.  For us guys the issue is that no matter how you look at it the average CEO’s age is now between 34 – 38 years old and the longevity of the position has been shortened to between 24 – 36 months due to the rapidly changing world.  Its not an employee’s market any more rather an employer’s trading hub and the value of any job today is ridiculed by the local universities churning out cheaper options in the millions who are willing to work for nothing. 
Education – No longer does the world appreciate the fact that your respect was handed down to you by your family legacy. Today you have to earn the societal and professional respect you desire and in order to do that 25 rent a cops in the back of a Toyota pickup truck just will not cut it.  Those comfortable days when you went abroad and came back with a foreign degree in business do not do the trick any more.  The time when daddy would call his buddies in a bank and get you a job is long gone.  Today the degrees are specific and the variances of courses are there for sale globally at anyones fingertips in their living rooms.  So in short if you have to survive a career in the next decade you need to stay with the program and have your certifications upgraded along with your experience.
Life Style – We all love to live it up and no matter where you go our country men are known for being the best hosts and entertainers irrespective of who is paying the bill.  One of the biggest stress factors for the modern day couple trying to make it through is that reality that socializing has become extremely expensive – either you’re in or you’re out!  Being "in" comes with a whole new set of problems that money has around it.  People simply do not live their lives with humility.  Everyone is too busy living the American Dream which is an illusion of live now pay later.  If you do not believe me ask your elders who will tell you that in their time over drafts and credit card were not there and life was much simpler than now!  If families would revert back to old school values and live within their means and not use credit facilities, then a lot of society’s problems would be more or less bettered.
Gender Equality – In Pakistan we use a very “conveniently yours” approach towards women.  Everyone is terrified at the shift in the balance of power because the wives now earn a lot if not more than their husbands.  The time of home makers has blossomed into a full-fledged industry of very competent women who actually are better at some of the tasks us men try to do.  Yet when we want to fail them for any given reason we quickly bring religion into the picture to justify most of our own needs fueled by vanity.  If we as a society need to keep up with it and not go back in to the stone ages, we need to understand that our women are the ones who will be a key attribute to us surviving tomorrow.
The Class System – Everyone knows that we hate to be stereotyped yet are the biggest racists out there who define one’s worth by last name, then religion, then sect, then province and then city and then political affiliation.  Bottom line all of our 190 million citizens are so hell bent upon seeking their own identity and individuality that it only takes a cricket match with India for us to unite and come together to agree on fighting a common enemy.  A sad reality that we choose to ignore is that God invented man with the ability to think for himself, man invented technology so that he would not have to think for himself and technology destroyed man’s ability to logic and forced him to go on assumptions.  If you look at it these days a goat herder in in the northern out skirts of Pakistan has the ability to ask Harvard to give him a grant to earn a degree because he has a cheap smart phone and a mobile internet connection.  This was a luxury open to city slickers only less than a decade ago.  So the reality is there is no class definition in reality and the borders between the classes have faded away.  Most of the people in your city suburbs are in actuality living off credit vs your masses who are better off in many ways because they own their assets out right.

How to move ahead – Everyone of us is only a decision away from what their future will be.  So in a nutshell you need to figure out in totality of where you stand right now! Beyond the obvious you need to realize that if you need something then what you need to work out is what does the future have in store for you and where you career is headed seriously.  The cost of living is going up at a rate beyond control and surviving the next decade is going to be extremely tough.  What everyone needs to do is understand how much of a run they will have left professionally and then work their professional lives backward to the reality for the here and the now removing any and all emotions aside.  People need to be honest to their jobs and not their bosses or employers as it is not a selfish world.  Plan your futures conservatively and do not plan to live beyond your means.  Money cannot buy back time lost and time is the most precious commodity you have today!  Respect time and value each second you have left and do not live on false dreams and hopes of a better future on credit! 

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