Wednesday, June 1, 2016



The national exchequer has just footed an immense bill to better the health of our Premiere, and that too just before the closing of a fiscal year as well as before the Holy Month of Ramadan.  Irrespective of the gibberish that social media spews out in the form of Nihari meals being had in London, who is where and what is done… unanimously the entire country agreed on one thing and that was that Pakistan would never be held hostage by an obnoxious fat man from London…  Well Hello!  It just happened the only difference is the different shade of Haramipan within!
Our entire nation is so obsessed with bad news that everyone forgot our only living saint who has saved countless lives, loved unwanted children and devoted his entire life to bettering the lives of the poor and the unwanted from all over Pakistan!  Since Abdul Sattar Edhi has lived a simple life never asking for anything in return how can we as a nation disrespect his contribution to picking up those dead bodies that every government left in their election aftermath.  Abdul Sattar Edhi through his actions in my books needs to get the respect of being treated in one of the best hospitals in the world because if it were not for him and his devotees many people today would still be the silent majority. 
He has been a voice for the oppressed! He has given love to hateful relationships and put out many a misconception with humble actions of serving humanity irrespective of gender, social, sexual, financial or for that matter any form of affiliation and orientation.  What disgusts me is that we as a society will want a selfie with him to show that we sort of care but nobody will join us in giving one of the best Pakistani Ambassadors any form of support and being a voice for him when he needs it!  It is purely disgusting how society will not embrace the man who embraced those who were considered to be Children of a Lesser God yet would love to tweet about the daily affairs of what our politicians are up to!
If you respect Edhi Sahib and feel that he is worthy of a lot more than he is getting, then for God’s sake join me in making him feel like he is worthy of respect well before his time will come as he has done more than enough for us and our country!  Life is in the hands of Allah and there is no point in asking for an apology from a worthy person because it was too late… In life we all have regrets and resentment is a heavy burden to bear so before you switch into your 30 days of “Piety” mode why not make a difference if you really can!

On the matter of a fatty ruling Pakistan from UK…  Well you will always have entertainment from that corner to fuel your Coffee Table talk so don’t worry about that!  Let’s be Robin Hood and get the country to now give back to a man who gave it so much!  Help me lessen my burden of sins that I carry by doing this one noble deed! 

If you have the courage to accept this reality then share this on social media and spread the awareness!

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