Sunday, September 27, 2015


(How Pakistan has industrialised Education!)

There was a time when if one declared themselves as a “teacher” (of any given school) in Pakistan it was considered to be a very noble profession & I am talking about the 1980’s. (well before we tried to swallow the horrible pill of democracy).  Today, parents are held hostage to the body of private schools who are the most convenient bullies when it comes to a family’s wallet! 
Being a parent myself I question why does one need to pay exorbitant fees and then get surprise sudden heart failures at ridiculous demands for more money as and when the educational establishment in question feels like it!   It is extremely had to be able to pay out so much money all the time only to get more and more demands from a system that is conveniently stable to suit the private school owners who took a very noble and dignified profession and re-molded it into one of the biggest and most corrupt industries in the world!  
Parents are very justified when they get extremely upset at the schools demanding more and more fees on their brand name that once was.  A certain niche market school off Clifton near Boat Basin for example charges a kings ransom to induct your child or ward into their ranks of snobby minions who after their orientation come back a completely brain washed robot that cannot function without an iPad or the latest toys that technology has not even invented yet!
Today parents get upset and refuse to pay the fees of schools because teachers are so upset at not getting what they are worth that they do not teach what is required in school hours and basically parents pay for a 7 – 8 hour lunch break during school hours.   These days those same teachers give private tuitions to kids for subjects that keep getting invented as humanity seems to evolve at a much faster pace than when we were among the ranks of the innocents!  
Is it worth it to send your child to a school and pay all that money only to then repay it for the honest attention your child needed!  Today schools ride on the brand value and the image more than anything else!   Everyone in the private education system is so focused upon the grab and pocket what you can immediately approach that everyone forgets about delivering a quality promised in advertising that never will be! 
In my days we were subject to the day of reckoning twice a year when it was parent teacher day!  The expression on our face after that 10 minute session was enough to explain to anyone how the holidays would be for us ahead!  Today,  It’s the opposite because with the way our Pakistani economy is going and parents being forced to rely on a dual income to make ends meet most families rent their homes and survival is tough so parents on Parent teacher day don’t question what their child needs to focus on – rather blame the teachers for not being exhausted enough already and also deem it fit to question certain behavior patterns within the child that are adopted from a somewhat abandoned sense of parenting! 
Before you enroll your child into a school – think hard – think wisely – understand what you want for your child and what would be the most economical way to get it!  Always remember a fool and his money are soon parted!  So my advice is if the schools think money then you should also approach it from a business point of view as an investment (Cost Of Goods Sold vs Return On Investment!)  Just a simple question – “wouldn’t it be cheaper to pay the same teacher giving tuitions and that attention to your child a little more and not pay the private schools? – I mean come on in my days lunch breaks were only 20 minutes!”


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