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Being mentored by the late Ardeshir Cowasjee one of the key elements that was instilled into my writing was that I should always go on facts and not rumors when I present a case!  Hence, I have always used my blog as a means of letting go and speaking out against injustice and what is not right!  When I write I have done so because I have passionately felt about something and supported it with factual evidence.  Usually my ranting’s were twice if not once a week as I had a lot to scream (blog) out about and I had a following of handful like minded individuals who egged me on!

But then when I realized that being a Keyboard Jihadi was useless as nobody really cared about causes anymore and everyone on social media quickly hopped from one horror to another just to support anything that was currently trending I stopped writing because I felt just as ridiculous as that Radical Rabbi who keeps talking to himself whilst banging his head against the wall of silence in Jerusalem hoping to get an answer from anything but a headache!

When my class mate but presently distant good friend was brutally murdered last night the roar of my deafening rage kicked in and I did not know what to do, who to hold responsible, how to comfort a critically wounded mother that she will have to bury her daughter, moreover what corner to hide in so I started to analyze our society’s situation today…  And this is where we stand….

In this past week TWO peace loving people who never advocated hate in any way and strongly opposed violence and somehow related to the media were assassinated for speaking out!  First Masood Hamid with Herald Publishing’s Dawn News Paper (the largest English Newspaper of Pakistan in circulation) & then in almost a calendar weeks’ time Sabeen Mahmud, The Director of The Second Floor or T2F as we prefer to call it (she was basically a flower power child with an immense following of truly passionate change activists who wanted a better Pakistan than what it is)

Whilst the Rabbi in Jerusalem has his own issues that maybe an Advil or logic can resolve, Pakistan today has deeper issues that we need to comprehend and inwardly digest and realize seriously!   There is no point in ranting about all the problems on social media as we all know them just to fit in with the right crowd rather, it is a time for presenting and more over acting on solutions!  As a nation we are more passionate deep down inside about our rights, we are more intelligent than the best advocates globally born, we are thirsty for justice with mouths parched and dry but we do not have the courage to face the reality of the here and the now by asking the right questions!

Image Copyright lies with Dawn News paper Website
In this Sub-Continental yet western influenced bubble where live, we have not yet digested the fact that colonialism finished long ago we still as a nation endorse a monitored, bound and gagged (controlled) free press!  This is only more strongly endorsed with the powers that be wanting to pass a Cyber Crime Bill that will in reality obliterate any and all forms of freedom to communicate over the internet.  They controlled the Radio, printed press and the TV now they managed to do it with the internet!  And guess what we all some how allowed it to happen!  So welcome to the new Pakistani Internet where sharing a harmless joke will be perceived by some Gutka chewing right or left wing radical as a threat to the nation and then… Poof! Your life becomes even more miserable than it is today!

Image Copyright lies with Dawn News paper Website
Mr. Masood Hamid was a man that had friends across the globe.  A news man who was revered not feared and moreover defined as basically an “honest, genuine & decent chap!” His career over the years defined a breed of newsmen that is hard to come by and his candid approach to looking at the reality of what was and is was truly admired by a lot of people!  Why he was discovered brutally murdered in his vehicle adds to an unsolved Iliad of Pakistani mysteries for which no one has any answers!

Image Copyright lies with Dawn News paper Website
Further to that, in this Muslim yet politically incorrect country that uses its constitution to give the best roller coaster ride to the global community it's a man’s job to respect a woman and her rights... what they don't tell you is that it’s the woman's job to give men something to respect... Sabeen Mahmud did just that and a whole lot more!  As a nation I promise you #‎Sabeen that we will miss respecting you and probably forget you as another trending horror consumes our lives on social media because those are the joys of being a #‎Pakistani.

But nevertheless thank you both for touching each one of our lives in ways we cannot fathom nor ever will... Peace!

If you comprehend what I am trying to convey to you then you will understand that there is power within the people and that is you!  As a nation we have the ability to steer our own fate!  If you don’t want to end up in an already horrible situation then sadly but truly you have to stop it from becoming so!  Take back what is yours or don’t complain!  If you are not a part of the solution you are part of the problem and then just shout out Murder Me Silly! 


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