Friday, May 2, 2014


2 STATES (of mind)

When one goes to watch an Indian movie one can easily acknowledge that there will be old geriatric men trying to be boys who show off six packs and young new cummer actresses who play the opposing role of a girlfriend when they should be playing the part of a daughter.  Bollywood movies are sadly very predictable and somehow boring to a certain point but our women drool to the point of no return when you slap on the name Khan or Bachan onto the poster and make everyone believe that the same film made by the same producers and the same crew will somehow be different although its screen play is written by the same writer!
The movie 2 States is a Karan Johar work of art and is somehow surprisingly different!  The film does have its bit of eye candy and as far as the nudity goes has shocked the censor boards across the globe BUT it is a fantastic story that is original very unpredictable and yet has the ability to carry the excitement momentum of the story till the end! 

The film is filled with positivity to a point that all generations will be able to relate to the tribulations of how two families must overcome personal insecurities, face the reality of their darkest fears and then accept themselves for what they really are when two stubborn people in their mid-twenties decide to get married!
For parents this film will relate to all their fears that they had or will have and for the youth they will be able to hold hands as couples feeling the emotions delivered by a fantastic display of what the director intended to show you that you choose to ignore in real life!  The two new stars have done a great job entertaining you in a way that will leave you thinking about the here and the now of your own life when the subject of marriage comes up!
I recommend you do watch this movie as I am sure you will receive it very well because seldom does Bollywood put together a production that almost seems perfect!  The sad thing is that many western films have been released at the same time with much bigger marketing budgets but I do believe that if you are a fan of Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum & Mohabbatein then you will definitely enjoy this movie!
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