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When you travel for any purpose anywhere there is always an element of stress involved especially when you are on a budget.  I have known Faheem Sakrani and Iqbal Sakrani (click on their names for their FB profiles) now for over 2 ½ decades.  We are friends and somehow over the years have done a lot of business with them as they own a 40+ year old Travel Agency known as Super Travels (Click on the name for their website) that was started by their father.

Super Travels (click on the name to go to the FB Page) is our UWC (United World Colleges) official travel agent and there are many reasons that are personal for this but professionally you would understand why they won hands down where we had many bidders.  Here are 7 reasons to consider them for your next travel related inquiry (domestic or international)
  1. They have over four decades of Good Will and as a family owned concern they value that good will above all so their customer skills are beyond superb.
  2. They always revert to you with an extremely affordable emotional and financial solution and do not add to your problems that you already face when travelling
  3. You can contact them anytime (24x7x365) and they will revert to you within hours WITH a SOLUTION on email or phone or via any means globally anywhere you are! (we have tried this many times and they have a 100% response guarantee)
  4. They are your one stop solution as far as travel services go because when you travel you travel with them emotionally on email as they ensure the trip goes well with you because they have a huge staff where they have an in house professional visa and value added travel services as well like travel insurance.
  5. They are very well networked nationally as well as globally due to their 40 year history and know how to get you the best value for money
  6. They are very flexible when it comes to payment terms and work with you and as per your budget keeping in mind what you can afford to pay for!
  7. They always smile and when you walk in to Super Travels to make a booking you feel like your holiday / trip has started in First Class.  They smile because for the past 40 years they have managed business tours with volumes of over 600 passengers to exotic destinations everywhere and all the client has to do is write ONE affordable cheque. 

Now on a personal note!

I always write on good experiences or bad ones that I have in life.  Presently I am in Dubai and I was here for work with my wife who tagged along because it was her birthday yesterday and my parents wanted to gift her a small trip after she went through the past nine months on a bed and gifted us with my daughter and their grandchild. 

Basically Super Travels (click on the link to see their official world cup partnership) or their entire team sat with us and gave us economical options that only cost my family USD 2,000/- (I am broke and just started working) and that included a dream getaway (with all meals air fares and everything included and NO hidden charges to the Maldives) Amyn A. Ghulamali (click on my name to go to my FB page to see the status updates and pictures of my journey)

The hotel where we stayed at in Dubai was awesome and for the cost of a 3 star room we were accommodated in a 5 star apartment with every facility possible in Deira.  Now travelling on a budget is hard especially when you are working and your professional obligations come first.  I know that Super Travels is good and efficient because I for one have been on company paid training tours with them in the past, but I had no idea that they would take such personal care. 

Forget friendship as they have a very high turnover in volume of passengers they book daily and people only use a TA when they know the owners.  The owners and their staff have managed this trip and given a guy like me the opportunity to de-stress and focus on my work and not worry about any other matters because they are (not were) there and always will be.

With Super Travels (Click on the name for their contact details) you get a realization that things like customer services, focus upon an honest delivery of quality whilst attaining the best value for money in your desired timeframe are still there! 

I am sure you MUST have your own Travel Agent because we all have our own mobile wala, doodh wala, plumber, electrician etc. BUT I have realized that after the comfort sets in your own whatever wala’s are the ones who dupe you somewhere and you have to always keep verifying rates and information.  If you are of this mindset then DON’T take my word for it and DON’T give them business because I said so but DO send them an email and DO take a quote…  Let them show you how SUPER they REALLY are when it comes to TRAVEL services… 

Faheem & Iqbal I wrote this NOT because I am a friend but because your entire team is Fantastic and put a smile on my mom and wife and gave them a feeling of security and content (which is something very hard to do…)  So this is the best way I could think of to THANK YOU for being so SUPER when it comes to TRAVELS.... and also as buddies!   

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