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As a nation we have undergone a horrific twist of fate where our 132 innocents have been slaughtered by those who tried to make it look as though it was some fatwa being carried out in the name Islam yet only to malign our religion in every way if not form.    The aftermath of such a surgically precise massacre that even the worst kind of rebel would call a monstrous act of insanity is that it has led to two things!

  1. Everyone within any form of government decided to come forward immediately forget their personal nonsense and decided to work together to share the media space

  1. The rest of the country decided to hop on to social media and protest in ways not so Islamic like candle light vigils rather than hold Quran Khawanis which would have been more Islamic
The sad turn of events is that the Army was called in by a nation that always seems to whine when it comes forth that they are meddling in internal democratic matters and the stars that run the show are cringing to hear when the politicians will quickly turn their backs to only use them as a scapegoat again for some act that they hope to gain political mileage out of!

In a few days I assure you that this entire party starved keyboard jihadi nation will radically find a new war cry of misery and celebrate the half yearly decade having arrived with one night of social debauchery in the highest order by celebrating 01-01-2015 with at least one hour of random gunfire and everything else totally un-Islamic and then tweeting about how hung over they are 16 hours later in cyberspace.

How does one find closure from wallowing in sorrow about our own actions where we demonstrate repetitive stupidity because we as a nation cannot and will not allow ourselves to progress further?  We exhibit utter emotional instability in the form that we run from confused political pillar to a diverse religious post as we cannot and will not allow our internal differences go!  Does it really have to take such a heinous barbaric act to shock the nation into working together until the corrupt factions that be allow their own personal vested interests to lead the flock away into a chaotic state of affairs that existed momentarily before this tragedy?

We have only managed to demonstrate that we have the ability to unite (just like when we watch a cricket match against India) however due to various adopted reasons or war cries we choose not to because we have some vested micro interest that lies hidden beyond the nonsense that we demonstrate in society that clearly allows the western media to display that we are a good for nothing intellectually challenged nation that is only fit to be labeled as a travel advisory!

We need to understand that it has been over 30 years and that is a generation whereby through our indifference's displayed on the air by our news channels we seem to have only confirmed FOX news’s depiction of us as a band of hooligans who have had the inability to digest democracy.  In these past thirty years every politician no matter who it is has used every state owned resource in some wrong way or another?  Every political faction / party has used negativity against its opposition to win an election because in totality and reality they themselves have very little or no ammunition in the form of achievements on a provincial or national level to display to the nation whilst campaigning!

We as a nation that has a constitution that has been in play since its inception have allowed it to be vandalized and twisted in interpretation by those who we hate to love before elections and then when in office love to hate because we put them there!   When will we learn that our politicians are rouges and the only choice we have left is an Army that we refuse to accept yet run to when we are in trouble?

Irrespective of what one would claim as a logical debate about the irony in the reality of the political here and the now one needs to realize that our half pregnant approach towards the sons of our soil will NOT and does NOT help us in any way!  If you were to look at it from a distant perspective the Armed forces are actually the only disciplined form small government within its self that whilst not perfect but has consistently managed to independently function for as long as we as a nation have existed under the green and white flag we proudly display!

Musharraf for one was a fantastic leader when he had his uniform on to and for Pakistan but as soon as we stripped him of that and forced him to become a politician he was horrible for the country.  That just goes to show you that we as a Pakistan are struggling to find a leader but are being blinded by the democratic process of selection via politicians who do not have any form of discipline.  Often on social media every now and again we see meme’s of the most dubious and wanted man in Pakistan (our president) and that too confirms to the west that our commander in chief (US terminology) is weak and NOT in control!

In my eyes if Pakistan has to move forward then it needs to realize that it needs to give running of the government and transparency to the Armed Forces and the military courts on a macro level and allow the micro level nonsense to be managed by elected educated technocrats who should be observed and watched by the Armed forces with dire consequences in the form of any dubious activities that are proven against them. 

As a Progressive Islamic nation it’s time we stopped being miserable together and tweeting and texting candle light vigils and started doing things that are Islamic like saying a final Quran Khawani for ALL souls lost to any form of horror by any form of government or religious faction that we only help create by allowing them the freedom to use the media to gain whatever measly acceptance they might claim to have?  After all it takes two hands to clap we just need to stop being one of those hands!

Please when you are done reading this don’t light a candle – just recite Surah – e – Fatiha, and your Ayat ul Kursi and then say a prayer thanking God that you and your family are alive today!

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  1. I agree with everything, the part where you are addressing lighting candles/vigils i would rather disagree that it doesn't do any benefit.
    Internationally it's the most practiced form of expression of showing love & solidarity. It brings people close, especially people as divided as we are. Naat Khwanis and Reciting surah fatiah are more or less done on a smaller scale according to what i have seen these days. People tend to condemn more easily than pray for the souls of the departed...just because it's more convenient.
    Sad part is that we don't turn to prayer in our times of need, this generation is way far off from religion. The practices of the west are more or less way more convenient for us, which is not something to be proud of.

    The international media would give one the exposure through these acceptable practices that "look, they are protesting in a more civilized way, & not the way of the terrorists/jihadists/fundamentalists". I think we need that for now, it's just whats required for now.

    The world needs to see this... & the world also needs to see us United.

    The world especially when it comes to social media is very fast, it would remember and forget events very quickly. Our attention spans have become smaller...even more than that of a gold fish. The recent bombardment of Gaza where thousands of children died created such a hue and cry over the social media. That episode is far gone and forgotten now, that's how quickly we tend to forget... it's more of a "Out of sight, out of mind" situation.

    Muslims aren't going to come close because now our religion is way too divided. The only thing that's going to unite us is Humanity & by being a Pakistani.