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Pakistan as a country or it’s diversified schools of thoughts within its citizens have never been able to band together as a nation unless it has been an India – Pakistan cricket match and its people have never been able to digest Democracy ever since the BB regime first came in!  After years of complaining that between the Nawaz League and the PPP Waderas there was no third contender and that a Dynastic Democratic approach need to be put to an end our citizens abandoned their causes and united when our Ex Captain called us out waving a bat! 

 His war cry was peace, transparency and a consistent school of Islamic values, modern and progressive thought as a nation!  We all left our desks no matter how educated we were, irrespective of the status quo because we thought that not only was he camera friendly but he had an ability to make a difference if he had led a team of 11 to victory in the world cup!  As you know it with our support as a Nation Imran Khan was able to form PTI!

After a few years I realized that the man is losing ground with a lot of the technocrats one sees because everyone seems to think that he is either a hypocritical lunatic because if one were to compare the past few years it seems that shifting policies, alliances with those who he called out for corruption and injustice and ineffective strategic measures to secure a stronger following are a few of his mistakes that he seems to have made.  

If one were to consider his intent when he started out was very well supposedly planned by those who seemed to abandon him from what seems like lack of experience of being a politician. 

Being a sports captain in an innocent time versus the vicious politics are not what Mr. Khan seems to be cut out for!  He seems to have adopted that approach that has hurt our economy and citizens in a way that we blame many of our elected dynastic government politicians and their bureaucrats for.

Over the past eleven months Mr. Khans following of peace loving activists have turned into an army of cult like disciples who seem to use violence and aggression to get their message across.  Just because one has an effective social media team and can tweet and text pictures of women and kids on the street to a mindless following of yuppies who live an alternative lifestyle does not depict the reality behind the original ethos that a lot of people believed in. 

We need our streets back and we need Khans tribe of politicians to understand that we as a nation would like to support a worthy cause but it cannot be one where methods of emotional terrorism are used for and against our kids and families as a nation as a whole!  

I wish he would resort back to what he came on the political pitch with and I wish he would reform his stance on what he believes in today to make things happen as I for one would vote for him as all I can see is a hero that seems to be falling from grace due to misguided political advice.

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