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Before you read on please note that I only write when I am passionate about something and when the truth needs to be told!  Second also realize something that when emotions are at a high one cannot see the logic in a situation.  Thirdly and finally please note and appreciate that every story has two sides and maybe the oppressor at times whom you think is so terrible might just be a helpless victim after all.

I refer to the matter at hand of Rehan Sheikh (aka – Louie Shekhi / ulllo butt / Louisheikh 2 on social media).  Now understand why is he defaming us and why is he being allowed to do all this.  I intendt to expose not the vulgarity shown by someone but the decency of the entire management committee (something which you all should know) for that I need to give you a history which I will make brief.

Rehan has been known to us all since childhood.  His green eyes and blond brown hair is something we all love and loved him for his fantastic sense of humor.  Rehan is someone we respected as he is the father of two beautiful daughters whom we all consider to be our God Children and a wonderful wife who is the stabling force in his life.  We respect her so much because she is a sister to all of us and having known them for ages we cannot help but support the family with silence and abstaining from doing any harm to him.

We all have weaknesses and Rehan has his and I will not throw mud at him or defaming him but one needs to understand that when you are part of a club where your oldest school friends are in important positions you need to adhere to the rules yourself and stop asking for favors.  Personal grievances are something you should settle outside when you walk into the doors of the club and understand that if you defame an institution to such an extent and hate the community there so much it’s just another Kashmir issue and you will be looked at as an emotional terrorist.  If you are so upset then hand in your card and go elsewhere.  If you want to lodge a complaint please do so at the behest of the managing committee that consists of your own friends who after knowing you for 40 odd years are there to help you and will stand by you. 

To Rehan this message is specifically for you…  Brother after all that you have done please realize that each and every one of your friends is a powerful person to whom you have written and bounced cheques and given you multiple career opportunities.  All of us have welcomed you into our homes and hearts and we love you for who and what you are no matter what your weaknesses are.  I speak on behalf of everyone when we say that we are shocked hurt and heartbroken that you have abused our most precious gift of love and friendship by defaming us our families and yet we have fought amongst ourselves to NOT do anything to you! 

Rehan if you want to know decency then please note that it is us “your friends” who still sit by quietly whilst you harp on about where we are wrong when you drank sat and enjoyed what call to be corrupt today.  In the last elections you waged a social media war for all of us and now suddenly when we implemented a system of rules on ourselves you simply back out and start getting personal.  Boss its not ok to bully waiters and boss we are a club where we request and don’t threaten the staff and people who are there to serve us because we had too much vodka by the pool side (to which mothers object).  Boss Rehan my friend you need to look at all your internal matters before you cast any more stones from your glass house. 

It is very unfair that you are being an emotional terrorist and abusing our years of friendship whereby our own sanity feels questioned at how we are letting you get away with insulting us, talking badly about everyone and being simply nasty to all of us when our kids know and play with each other.   We can get you the help you need but you need to understand that you are crossing family limits and you need to realize that rules are there for everyone.  Lastly facebook is not your judge our jury or the Managing committees executioner. 

Please respect with honesty what we have had for over four decades or resign from the club because it will affect your kids.  The sins of the father are always paid for by the children and this I know best because I am not a saint…

Lastly reader do keep in mind that its ok to have an indifference with a person or two that’s normal… but is it normal to find a fault and pick a fight with EVERY single member of the managing committee?  I mean come on this is too much… an entire club can’t be so bad and one person so pure and normal!  

ON a personal note – Who the hell made you an official breaking news reporter for the club any ways?

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