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You will understand this only if you lived through it!  If not I feel sorry for you as what I lived through was a good time that was innocent and honest good fun!

When I or we grew up we had Wham! Micheal Jackson thrilled us and we actually saw the sunlight!  Our bicycles were our friends and our friends were someone who we went to see! If we liked you then we actually hugged you and if we wanted to poke you then it came in the form of birthday bumps in your garden and when we left “see you tomorrow” was a promise we kept!   We had the beach and we had the go Karts of fun land and going to Lahore meant going off to another twilight zone! 

Our fun was innocent and we loved our cricket team and every wrong play was just right because we were too busy supporting them!  Our dads came home with a brief case and had a meal with us and our servants were permanent fixtures in our homes along with the office staff who had joined the office with an intent to retire from the same job!

At 6 or 7 we played in the streets because everyone did and we had phaddas which were over who won the toss to bat first!  We were free we were young we were wild we were innocent and most of all as kids we were brought up right because we were trusted! 

The element of trust between parent and teacher was a solid bond and the trust between siblings was stronger, your families were a part of your life and the word trust was burnt into your souls because we were what we believed to be a big happy family!  When we as kids were dropped to school on our first day our parents had tears in their eyes and we bawled our eyes out to not leave their grasp where we felt safe!

Ok leave that and flash forward 35 years…  Today on Monday 11th August 2014 parents heaved a sigh of relief as they dropped their 7 year olds to school and then screamed TODAY IS INDEPENDENCE DAY because after a grueling 90 odd days of slavery, walking the harsh roads to malls, fast food joints, cinemas, toys and bookstores, and realizing that money would fly out of their wallets faster than they could earn it over a year parents wanted a break!  Most parents looked desperately forward to today… Yes they free and the silence at home was an uncomfortable but welcome friend ythey long missed and almost forgot! Today schools have become an escape pod for parents who seem to fool themselves into thinking how important education really is… (for some time at least)  On the brighter side just think moms and dads also survived the insane aunty rush at Ghanisons and Rasheedsons uniform walas! 

As I drove through the city I crossed a few schools where I was shocked to see kids who were “connected” with more expensive gadgets than most corporate executives (and I do not mean the elite schools) I was shocked to have seen how pre-teen kids had more toys that connected them to the world so fast that before they had any supervision they could order a pizza and a date online (yes in Karachi!)

Being a geek and an importer of Tech hardware over the years I have heard horror stories of girls committing suicide because they were filmed inside a cyber café in compromising and not so parent approved situations! I also heard stories of how there so many closet pedophiles within society but we refuse to accept that like Karo kari because "it never happened” and we really cannot stretch the credit card to buy four credible witnesses because we are too busy seeing what see through designer Jora Junaid Jamshed is about to release (to be worn under an Abaya of course) and if TUQ will remember what he gave as a fatwa 5minutes later!

Bottom line ever since we started focusing on the ability to try to process too much information immediately removed secretaries and the gatekeepers that would allow us to be focused at our jobs and started multi-tasking to try to earn more and more money so that we could keep up with inflation… we forgot about family values and most of all ignored our kids! 
We palmed our 3.2 family off to drivers who pimped transsexuals, introduced them to smoking and dope and to maasi’s who robbed their pocket money and lied about the immaculate conception at hand when our daughters are busy in the back seat of someone else car screaming Oh Jesus! 
I know you do not like what I am saying! I do not expect you to like what I will ask you to do and that is to make sure your are a parent and Not a friend.  Technology is a vicious circle of lies where one is Alice (in chains) going down a rabbit hole of misfortune and ending up as a confused youth if you do not apply controls on their way on digesting information. 

An iPad with unrestricted access (no parental locks) is the worst way to have your child grow up!  Here are my reasons!
  1. Over a period of years their eyes get weak!
  2. They never see the sunlight – so Vitamin D is off the menu
  3. You really do not know if Saadia (14 / fem / 36-24-36) is really a bored Saadoo bhai (41 / man with …) you get my point who is the dope dealer your kids found on OLX 
  4. You always have a uncomfortable feeling about your kids friends as you do not know how real their friendships are as they spend the entire day poking each other in bed before going to sleep and liking each other in the living room.
  5. An iPad does not justify your time being spent with them (and no taking them for a movie is not spending time – its buying 90 minutes of silence whilst filing their stomachs with crap your own mom would not feed you!) 
It gets worse!  If you have a kid and care about our kid then please disconnect from the world and most of all technology! (At least for a moment) spend time with you child and do something real with them!  If you want to know how they think do their homework with them understand that they need a parent because if you don’t someone else will fill the mommy or daddy void and that is not a friend you want for your child!

Your child is everything right that you have done wrong and is or are the only form of redemption you will have so do it right by them and spend time with them – don’t throw money at them!

I was a kid I did not like my parents all the time  – so were you and yes you also did not like your parents at some time – BUT we respected our parents!  If you give them the respect of a parent you will get the respect of a parent!  And there is no Viber-rating way to touch the SKYpe and ask Technology Whatsappaning in the parenting world!

Disconnect today and you will not regret tomorrow but do start early because once this selfie addiction takes over its hard to break a hedonistic narcissistic childs habitual way of not connecting to the real world!  

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