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Please read this post ONLY if you have the courage to accept the truth!

FACT – Pakistan has so many deaths a day! Many natural BUT even more un-natural!
FACT – Pakistan has three pillars of ideology that it believes in that are also Islamic which are Unity, Faith & Discipline however the average Pakistani (common man) knows he has to have Faith to survive, the cheese burgers use money to buy their way out of Discipline  and as a country the media presents the awaam as anything but United!
FACT – If you are a citizen you know it is getting harder day by day and you are being backed into a corner fighting a boxing match with one arm tied behind your back with an ear biting Mike Tyson (dysfunctional system) just so that you can feed your children.
FACT – Life is so hard and we take pleasure in “liking” things on social media just to support someone higher in the food chain for free entry passes to a cool venue that we often do not realize what we have endorsed really without the meaning at hand!
FACT – Lastly life moves so fast that we tend to forget a major issue that enrages our emotions so quickly because another more horrible thing happened somewhere else that took our attention away and we really did not care because it was a like!
REALITY – We are happy being Keyboard Jihadis because we believe that a simple thumbs up is exactly what was required on our part to ensure that the Palestine Is real issue will never be us and that thumb we stuck up in cyber space will never get sore and is like giving charity Khajoor for Iftar to some one who lives in the presidential suite at the Burj Ul Arab.

NOW here is what I think of anyone who is such a Keyboard Jihadi ~ YOU SUCK BIG TIME!   Because…

1.     Do you even know the reason why you are liking something!  Are you actually aware of any factual matter before you support it & have you seen both sides of the story and made up your mind by your self or are you trying to make someone happy and be part of a clique with your click?

2.    If that is the case at hand do you realize that if you support this cause person or entity a simple thumbs up will not give them blood water an organ or a Laptop in Punjab…

NOW here is my advice to all my KJ friends ~ who gives a damn bash me when you want! I am used to it!

Guys if you support the Israel issue at hand then you need to know that Frair TUQ complained about HIS civic rights but got airtime at the cost of Emiratesand literally became the TUQing inflight entertainment because he did not like it!  Also everyone else who is an attention depraved TV celebrity disco Molvi is too busy crunching a calculator for their Zakat Donations which will used to create anything but a solution  and will only speak out if you ask them to do so!

A boy was murdered in cold blood and like a murder of crows you stood up actually because the REALITY was he was from Defence!  You guys tweeted texted and used your thousands of pocket money to give Pakistan chowk enough printing business for a month and then forgot the case…  YOU SUCK because you did not have the stamina to see something through that you endorsed!  FACT!  Why is Pakistan the only country where if you have solid back you can murder and then pay your way to a celebrity status! 

Who made your index finger the damn judge jury and executioner to decide how the world should think just because your generator tripped and you are hot for a moment!  Oh you sad sorry hypocrite reader if you are one?  Where is your zameer this is Ramzan so be honest for once and have the courage to see something through if you state it. 

Please do not be convenient Ghanesh’s & Gandhis who say its ok to fast for thirty days and then go wild on Chaand Raat and salivate at the thought that it will be classic scene at Zamzama Boat Basin or wherever you get your party fuel from!  No it is not ok to sit on a fence!   If things piss you off enough to use your index finger and you are not half pregnant as a teenage nation then join together as one Muslim voice and use your middle fingers by pulling them out of your ears and pointing it to each and every cleric who is ready to give a fatwa against any war cry they them selves are confused upon…  How does Blasphemy sound… yeah I thought so…

Jaago awaam Jaago for once Defence & Clifton use your contacts and make a damn difference by using the influence you have to raise your voice for something that goes into this thought where I come from! 

We never talk of world war two because the Name HITLER still sends shivers down the spine of every Jew when you mention it!   The Germans have been humiliated into silence and never been able to forget what the world keep bashing them for in the form of Captain America for the Genocide he did!

In the west the Jews bitched moaned and whined I am a VICTIM of genocide because an Aryan (Christian) school of thought in the 1940’s decided to bad together and just wipe them of the planet!  So now these guys frustrated as hell whilst playing the victim through well planned Hollywood media finally regrouped and started doing the same thing they complained about?

Does this spell hypocrisy? Wat Da FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) The sad thing is that everyone knows that in the west Jews are the best weasels to help you in a court (here in Karachi we call a fantastic business community the Memons and in Lahore Sheikhs the same because we like to humiliate them like any other minority) because these weasels (the Jews) are good cunning negotiators…  so we victimise them too (you should read this)

This is one time I will state that the west is to blame because any 3 letter western agency has been the root cause of all our problems because like you they started screwing with us as a nation or a race and in the middle of foreplay they walked out leaving us holding our ankles… Hellooooo Afghanistan screwed Russia we are now babysitting the damn Taliban when we allowed western funding to impregnate an uneducated lot with their own school of thought for which they have now labeled us as a country with two words “Travel Advisory”

You know I am right because you supported Nelson Mandela – I was there and attended the U2 & Simple Minds concert in Donnington Park and I got to know first hand about the word “Apartheid” (read here)

If you support the Israeli issue know your facts before you start preaching to the world through pictures of dead babies… As I end I ant to ask you a question I was asked two days ago… 



Think before you use your middle finger and have the courage to use your middle finger when you need to!  Now get off your fat ass go to daddy and ask him to call whoever he has on his speed dial to get a hold of IKKY & TUQ to actually earn their fair and lovely crimsoned complexions that they portray as we are only being beaten different colors! 

Sorry BLACK is NOT a color it is a shade but DEFENCE loooooves FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!

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