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Is it worth fighting for your Consumer & Human Rights & over Warranties?

NOTE / DISCLAIMER! This is an independent blog post not intended to endorse or be against any private, public or social organisation, political or religious faction or any living person!  This post has been written to enable you to engage your mind with a free school of though whom you the reader have and make your own independent choices by your self!  Further to this please read my disclaimer at the bottom of EVERY blog post (in the past as well) before you go off getting offended! 

Pakistan is a country that was founded as a safe haven for Muslims, by Muslims and is made up (majority) of Muslims and as this is the Holy month of Ramadan I would Not be lying if I told you that for the average Joe (let’s call him Hussain as its more Islamic and Pakistani) justice in Pakistan on any platform is very convenient!

Life is so hard to survive in Pakistan because out of the 365 calendar days we are stripped of our rights to work full business weeks to earn a living due to many factors beyond anyone’s control which in turn boosts up our cost of goods sold and destroys our expected return on investment yet we are forced to pay wages, taxes and utilities for an entire 365 days!

If one applied a reality touch to any situation and got out of their “perfect bubble” one would realise the following facts that customer service, consumer rights & warranties of any kind are usually honoured for those who really don’t need it!  In Pakistan we sell everything and also anything and when the consumer asks for any form of warranty he or she is assured or duped into thinking that they are protected by ghost protocols as consumers! 

I am sure you can relate to me if you have had an issue with your telephone line, electricity connection or water supply to your home, everyone knows that we have a parallel economy where we pay under the table to attain services that should be covered by any utilities organisation as every year the Government takes money in the form of taxes to provide them!

If you complain you have to name drop and if that is not strong enough then you need to turn to the father of the nation printed on our currency which will usually will get things done for you within nano-seconds which your heavy hitter on your speed dial could not achieve.

There is a false sense of security as here in Pakistan organisations put up small sign boards claiming “Admission Rights” to many public venues yet have bigger notices in their parking lots that say “Park At Your Own Risk!”  Anywhere else in the world if you pay for a service or product you get consumer rights and the parking lot covers the damages for your vehicle as it is insured and passes on that security to you who is its consumer!

There are many cases here n Pakistan that go unmentioned where people do not get their civic rights for many matters and in fact Pakistan is ONE country where you are able to murder someone have Dafa 302 filed upon you then hire a fantastic publicist and pay blood money and walk away scot free and in turn become a celebrity! 

If the saying was true at one time that Islamabad was for the newly wed or the nearly dead and that Lahore Lahore hai the one must also accept that we as a society are wrong to turn a blind eye to those who cannot speak out!   Personally I am guilty my self to stereo type anyone on any forum as the constitution of Pakistan is applicable to any and ALL of its citizens EQUALLY!  However to any visitor who comes to Pakistan we cannot accept the truth when they tell us that the lives all of our citizens live is exactly what George Orwell described in Animal Farm!

As the country has many issues at hand on needs to realise that we as a nation need to be aloof and ignore those factors that hinder our ability to earn a living and need to stop fighting for ridiculous causes and just do one thing!  Keep businesses open so that we can earn a living and feed our families!  I am of the firm belief that each and everyone of our citizens is not born corrupt or evil and their socially unacceptable behaviour that they display is a forced reaction to what circumstances they have witnessed and been through! 

As Muslims we do not have the rights to judge another persons piety but as this is the month of charity one should realise that charity begins in the homes and we need to keep the stoves burning so our focus must be upon making ends meet responsibly!  If you want consumer rights and you want warranties then you need to support any organisation by giving it business to be able to afford their cost of providing you with that service you desire and building it into their cost!

Also as this is the month of humility one must realise that NOT every organisation, person, political faction religious sect or person not from the right side of the bridge is bad!  We need to sometimes let things go and also again as this is the month of Ramadan have the ability to accept the truth, forgive and most of all forget!  The focus here is that we should all work toward surviving these hard times together and keep our stoves burning!

In the Seventies the war cry was Roti Kapra aur Makaan today its become Warranties, Consumer Rights and Human Equality!  It may seem weird BUT history has a habit of repeating its self in Pakistan ever so often and Not letting the Awaam forgive leave alone forget!  And its all a gift of Convenient Injustice created by us as a society ourselves!  Before you go out to fight for a cause do read these and or contact them as they will NOT only educate you but also help you do the right thing!  

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