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Here we sit as a nation on the brink of Eid and what do we have to show for it!  Nothing!  Today our democratic capital is in the hands of the Army, Our commercial hub is in the hands of Na Maloom Afraad, Sindh is in the hands of Dacoits, Punjab is in the danda wielding hands of Gullu Butt, Our Justice is being carried out by Arsalan Ifitikhar, Sindh’s electricity is in the hands of oil companies who want to be paid, our PM (lion of Punjab) is in the lapdog poodle of the Saudis and most of all we as a nation are seriously thinking that God or “someone” must sincerely love Pakistan as it’s a miracle that we have been able to survive these 67 odd years of pseudo freedom!

We tweeted insanely and over a latte at butlers discussed how horrible it was that Gaza was such an issue… Despite our sins we loved to hate Israel yet we hated to forcibly love Palestine only because it was more miserable than us!  However, 99% of us stopped our social media jihad just because Eid is round the corner so those pictures that were trending of mutilated babies became a secondary priority and partying till the sun comes up on Chand raat is our new social media insanity!

I am frankly worried not about Gaza but my future as I am a business man…  Our politicians, hypocritical corporate system and convenient love for the inconvenient truth has left me scarred beyond belief!  Today is one day that I wish I had a college degree so that I too could join the ranks of those buffoons who I grew up with who call in sick to work on an average of 10 days of the month because they have highly paid corporate jobs where no matter what you do you will get your salary on the 26th of the month irrespective of the fact if you deserve it or not!

Surviving is insane in this convenient Pakistan where even though I am so patriotic I yet question the decisions of the parliament and then yet again question what exactly happened with the likes of my popular Niazi cricketer turned philanthropist who morphed into a politician friend behind closed doors by the likes of some British “loyalty” (yes I know the spelling) he got married to on 21st June 1995.  I seriously think that he and friar TUQ really need some women in their lives because both are scarred by mommy issues that make us question why on earth does business stop which affects my ability to feed my family!  When these two are snoozing on their thrones Mi5 decides that it wants action so after a three hour conference calls business yet shuts down again!

Lawyers are the best liars and we are all repeatedly made not only the judges but the executioners as well of western interests and that too for a measly bit of aid.  Whilst we are grabbing our ankles as a nations and adjusting to the penetration of drone attacks our politicians are out on posting price tags on their zameer.  Us Pakistani’s are the most amazing lawyers when it comes to defending our wrongs BUT we are also the most pious Judges when it comes to condemning the wrongs of others!  As a nation we refuse to accept the fact that our own lives are so miserable and fast paced that we choose to forget key issues we raise and support on social media!  Whilst you are out there supporting this madness we are yet clouded over by insecurity that our shops will shut.  We have no money and are yet living on credit immensely!  Borrowed time guaranteed by false promises!  No wonder those who ran away understood that the scales of justice are tipped and the biggest tipper somehow gets pieces of surety here so why not simply move out!

I have faith in this system I only hope that our pussy cats in Saudi Arabia become lions and live up to the promises they made when they were elected to lead their pride…  it’s sad so sad as this Eid is for the wicked who feel they can buy their way into heaven!

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