Thursday, June 12, 2014


I guess I am lucky!  At the age of 12 I visited the Empire State building and the twin towers that tumbled down when 9 eleven happened many years ago!  In those days Manhattan or rather New York was and is known as the “BIG APPLE”… it was considered to be the “Melting Pot” of the world because of the diversity of culture that it welcomed through its doors on Ellis Island!

I guess I am even luckier because my city is also a melting pot, in fact, the entire country is a melting pot as we have so many dialects and so many differences trying to survive as one!  This is an impossible task at hand if you consider that we not only have five provinces that have many dialects of each provincial language and then on top of it all predominantly a Muslim nation we have so many secular divisions it’s a miracle that we have survived so long! 
The world considers Pakistan to be anything it can slap on the world and the international media and those who love conspiracy theories love to dish out travel advisories for Pakistan faster than the wind can change its direction!   As a nation we have survived an immense amount of economic, political and social torture at our own hands and are always at the mercy of the IMF, ADB and the World Bank. 

There is no point in going down that road where I as a citizen start complaining about what is wrong even more!  We all (Pakistani’s) know what has to be done and we all know that we hate to love the Army and some how love to hate our politicians even more!  Our painful reality is that as a people we lack the courage because we all live on borrowed money or time and are so overwhelmed by some kind of debt that we cannot move forward on a Macro level at all! 
The nuisance value from Great Britain and the last attacks on Karachi were just what the press was dying to live for!  Every news anchor made their entire years salaries worth in minutes by escalating panic, every reporter was armed with their little microphone trying to find even more dirt in the rubble of the disaster that had taken place and the entire country was glued to the television watching horror upon horror unfold! 

It does not matter what city you belong to, the solution and the reality that we as a nation must accept is very simple…  BUSINESS MUST NEVER STOP!  The reason is that today the global community is progressing at a rate beyond any form of comprehension…  What is new right now within nano seconds becomes old and we MUST keep up!   

Today you & me (people who have the luxury of having electricity & a computer) do not qualify as the common man has to buy wheat and rice at a price where he has to consider what child to feed because we shut down business!  Our internal turmoil is self created and if we continue to keep shutting down cities and putting fear in our people then eventually people in Honda Civics, Land Cruisers and Mercedes Benz will be forced to come out and rob those who already have nothing! 
Crime in Pakistan if you consider it is generally not by choice!  As a nation we are known for our hospitality with people who come to our door!  Pakistan has been known to be the most generous nation where charity is concerned and when a child is born in Pakistan it is taught love through the basic principles of Islam.  (Vast Majority)  The problem happens when we start tarnishing that innocence with the politics of incorrect education!   Over a period of years we instill a form of hate that becomes first nature when it comes to tolerating another being thus eventually leading to sociopathic tendencies!

Murders and killing are always an act of passion and almost 99% of the time NOT pre-meditated!  Dacoities, kidnappings and car snatchings are done by those who have no other means to support them selves and are forced into such vulgarities where normal behavior is concerned!  Bottom line it takes two hands to clap so if you are a politician reading this then please note that because of you sorry lot I have donated more that 8 smart phones to dumb thieves other wise know to the general public as the NMA (Na Maloom Afraad) of Karachi over the past 7 months alone!

The nation is displaying the fact that History continues to repeat its self in the form of re-electing the same politicians (only the price tag varies in the form of favors).  Every five years the entire economy and country is given a colonoscopy by nature as Karma keeps reminding the citizens of Pakistan that if they choose wisely then the 300 odd seats in Parliament would do justice to the people, work for the people and the rules would be made by the people!

The bottom line is that if you would like to see 2020 as one nation then we must take matters into our own hands.  Rather than sitting at a café in the street and discussing why things are wrong we need to come forward and out spend the beauracracy and out smart the democracy by making sure that “Business keeps running!”  If we all become selfish and we all stand behind what Jinnah thought then maybe, just maybe we as a nation will pull through the next six years! 
All we need to do is keep business running at all costs!  Life is unpredictable!  People are desperate so lets help them by making sure that work resumes and if the business community comes together to ensure the work will not stop and that the shops will stay open and just tries to show that it will do what is required to survive then even that fool who robs you in an ATM at night will actually have a chance to feed his family honestly! 
Losing ones faith in a country is normal as many people have migrated abroad, but migration is NOT the solution!  Those who have moved actually lost faith in themselves and the ability to withstand the test of Pakistan!   Life is not easy and no matter what country you go to you will have a different lot of problems where you end up! 
In 1947 on August 14th we got the biggest gift of all as a Muslim community.  We got a Nation, we got a land of our own with resources that even the West is jealous of and we got freedom!  Sadly, we never accepted this land as our home and we lost our selves and sold the identity that Jinnah fought for and today everything has a price tag on it...  even our Zameer to a point!  

If you want your children to see a better tomorrow then you need to be the change you want to see (Oddly the words of Gandhi) Ironically the only people who have the ability to drive this change is the business community who has the ability to spend NOW (smartly) where it is required!

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