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Us Pakistani’s simply get turned on by anything vilaiti!  As long as the “Made in” logo carry’s a flag with any other color than green we simply feel it is awesome!  Our politicians seem to believe in a religion known as confusionism because they condemn idol worship yet they drop on their knees praying to any diplomat that gets of a plane from the west! 

If you look at society and the haughty taughty aunties with falsies running around the elite clubs of any city a common structure you will see within the food chain is that the most ignored vulgar and obnoxious churail that is now just an inconvenient concubine for her husband is the one at the top of the food chain because he has so called secured her with a passport that is NOT green!  The only time these witches get any form of recognition is when they wed off their off spring to suitable matches and those to are the ones with foreign passports!  Your average LUMs graduate is not good enough as after working for 10 years his 300k a month salary just barely allows him to avoid a lifetime of debt should he have married a girl not from the elite class!

So politically we have a fluctuating price tag that we pass off onto our children when we barter the dowry and Haq Meher in the form of what rishta is convenient and love is just something that two people who have not known each other are supposed to fall in after the Disco Molvi has said the couples last rights to freedom!  Bottom line we are all trapped by our own ridiculous itch to feed the heroinchi bug or sin of greed because if you are from AAAAAAMREEKA or the YOUKAY your farts don’t smell that much (yeah right!!)

Foreign connections and diplomacy is not something Pakistan has ever been able to digest without the Military helping the parliament in the form of an enema every few years or so!  We as a nation have so many issues yet we allow ourselves to be bullied by people who live in the west because they cannot hack it here and yet seem to have a solution for all our problems!  No matter what you say the entire country is in a situation where a newly married couple have moved into an apartment building and somehow that one desi aunty with a jharoo keeps coming around regularly like Aunty Zubaida with her unwanted totkas!

Sadly the emotional awaam always fall for the silly promises of a lap of luxury and are left with no roti when their children are hungry no kapra when the Punjab cold bites into their children and definitely no makaan in the way that they live on the roads.  Our politicians force our masses to commit crimes by making sure that out of 365 day of the year the entire country if lucky will only work for 80 odd days thus making it impossible for anyone to earn a living in a halal form!

What irritates me is that each and every politician loves to strain on their bitch collar and taunt their submissive role to the west dressed up in tight leathers yet claim to be the most pious of the lot!  Each of these Peers and their babbling goon squads do not have a grip on the reality of the here and the now faced by the awaam as they fly or call or tweet in to the country not realizing what damage they are further doing!  When their nuisance value has reached a high these idiots bend over grab their ankles (foreign passports) and conveniently fly out leaving the awaam with false promises of going to some form of heaven they will never be allowed in. 

What is utterly sad is that these cretins all talk about going to heaven BUT NOT ONE OF THEM IS READY TO DIE!  Common sense will tell you that when Qayamat will come (and it will) these fools will still believe that they will outlive that too! 

Pakistan was formed for the Muslim people and by the Muslim people and its constitution is of the Muslim people!  So why do we run to the west to solve our problems!  Each and every bit of nuisance value that has affected our ability to earn an income is justified as an act of aggression from external factors!  Ok! That may be true BUT the internal executioners of these western interests are our own people who ran away!

If you live in any strata of society you will see how these hypocrites get off a plane and start bitching about the dirt and trash on the roads.  By the time they reach home they complain about the load shedding! And when they go to and modern mall they seem to have eaten, seen drank or F*cked something better!  These are the same losers who will make it a point to be so obnoxious that they will spit paan on white walls throw their slims wrappers all over a clean area and mock how everything is wrong and always state that they cannot wait to go “home” (abroad)

Now when its time to go they stuff their suitcases with slims chilli chips, atleast 10 boxes of rasili supari and any and everything they get their paws on at hyperstar that says “Shan: Masala!  Oh yes if its one of “those” important aunties she will also cram in 300 joras of Awesome Jofa to wear (actually sell from her 7eleven in Brooklyn)  These obnoxious relatives (be it politicians or family) whilst leaving the home will gift their cheap already used Walmart crap to their hosts expecting them to be grateful for the parting gifts (when in actuality there is a huge relief party planned by the hosts the minute their aircraft leaves the ground)

It does not end there!  The minute these ungrateful Pakistani Traitors who completely bitched about how bad it was and painful it was to have visited here touch Dubai or any midway destination they completely stand in line with their foreign passports and behave themselves as the shurta thakes their shirts off and asks if their passports are real or fraudulent because they are westward bound!  Even the most influential desi churail knows she will get a good long colonoscopy should she take her wretched Pakistani husbands name so she becomes the most loveable gremlin ever!

It ends when these ABCD’s (American Born Confused Desi’s) clear immigration because all of a sudden they become “Truly Patriotic Pakistani’s” who know how to solve the country’s problems now that they are safe behind the counter at their Amoco Gas Station!

You can run away on the fastest motorcycle but you cannot hide behind a maple leaf nor can you deny the fact that the red white and blue influence the entire white crescent and moon but you can realize that as a nation YOU HAVE GOT TO STOP BEATING EACH other over these paindus who show up every now and again to only benefit in some form or another at the tax payers cost!  

It takes two hands to clap, so if one hand wants to clap (foreign relations) do we need to be the other hand to make it clap so loudly?  The media can help by stopping the dramatization of something so ridiculous that it goes beyond common sense!  The people can help by focusing on keeping their businesses open to feed their starving children!  The Army can help by administering another enema to the Parliament as the flatulence is beginning to smell way too much!

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