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It was 2004!  I knew it all (or thought so) and then had gotten a taste for the media profession!   In this time I had been a part of the Worldcall Karachi roll out, I was a Junoon roadie and had worked on the creation of the first reality show of Pakistan Sunsilk 21st Century Woman with a Pakistani / British film crew for Unilever through Mindshare and had an attitude where I needed to apply humility and intelligence! 

My ex boss somehow pulled me in for an interview into Continental Trade Towers (AKD’s Head Office) and told me I would be amazed!  On the ground floor were pathans selling kapra to any desi aunties who were better than Gulf but  could not afford a driver and avoided Aashiana and the building was trying desperately to start a mobile mall upstairs!

As I entered I was feeling awkward because he was a man I could not refuse and had never let me down so I was wondering how to get out of a boring interview.   The building was owned by AKD so it was a given that the boooooring element of stockbrokers and their boring pastel corporate not so exciting colors dominated the walls!  It was almost like walking down the hall of a funeral parlor!   Stuffed between gutka chewing traders who spoke so quickly that it would shame TuPac Shakur I made it to the desired floor!  The lift opened and finally able to breathe I made my way to the office of Post Amazers!  
(Actual Office Picture Of the Reception Area) 

As I opened the doors my eyes popped open and I think Karachi heard my jaw hitting the floor as the first thing I came across was the coolest reception at that time with the coolest ever pool table!  It felt like I had stepped from the conservative silence of a graveyard into a full blown midnight scene at the Ministry of sound in London!   For 30 seconds I absorbed the coolness of the place and then thought that I was in an underground Russian mobsters lair in a movie or I must have died as my mind was paying tricks on me!  This was Post Amazers!  It had such a wow factor to it that even the likes of me was stunned!  

 I was given the usual tour and told about the projects they worked on in Animations like “Son of the Mask” (totally cool) and also Exhorcist (really awesome) I was so pumped full of creative adrenalin that I almost had a heart attack! 
I then met its CEO and guess what he was very young!  Mr. Asif Iqbal!   And sadly the opposite of what I expected someone to be!  To a guy like me he was totally serious! (booooring or I thought so as Post Amazers gave that impression that you would meet a CEO who was as crazy as the ambience)  

I found Asif Iqbal to be so dry after all the excitement that I wanted to run away!  But the place as a drug and I stayed!   All I could think of at that time was the amount of chicks who would totally dig my new office!  

I am really glad I stayed that day because I did not spend a lot of time there but I learnt so much about technology and how to use it to create a world for those who had no dreams that the experience left me to this date grateful to Asif Bhai for reluctantly allowing me to be a part of the organization for a while!

Every castle has a king and in the empire of Pakistani animation Asif Iqbal is an Emperor…  he does not come from a background where daddy’s wallet funded the existing empire he rules!   Asif Iqbal is the richest man today because his wealth is a reputation of delivering the best quality internationally, on time and honestly for over two decades!  

The CEO behind the team that made Commander Safeguard a household name and made us hate Kachra Rani and made ur kids snicker at Dirtoo Asif Iqbal is a ledgend in Pakistan which a lot of people do not know about because he is actually a very simple man! 
 There is a saying that naya paisa shouts in the press but wealth whispers and Asif Iqbal’s immense wealth of respect and fortune is one that needs to be recognized!   Over the years through the TWO companies that he has ever worked for Asif Bhai has fed hundreds of families through their children who they gave up on because Animation is not something one looks highly at when considering a rishta for your daughter!  
His team members have gotten international fame and even won Oscars because what he created was an institution of learning and training in a field that is not even considered to be profession in Pakistan!   Asif has travelled the globe and been a part of many Hollywood productions with his teams (on the actual sets) and is on a first name basis with so many international Celebrities and Directors and Producers because he is very simple!  Oddly enough they seem to adore his down to earth bluntness and aversion to politics and respect the value he adds by providing solutions that sometimes even the west cannot understand but work and win Oscars & Awards!  
Today he is and has been for the past 6 years the CEO of ICE Animations!  Whilst Pakistan is busy bickering over censorship laws and PEMRA issues Mr. Asif Iqbal and his team are delivering work o the west on time and giving our nation a positive name where Animations and Special Effects are considered!  The man in question is not a force to be reckoned with as he is living proof that if you work honestly, do not lie and are also honest to your self then the west will overlook your ethnicity, religion and citizenship and give you business.  

The entire BPO world failed Exporting software to the west is almost not hear of and when it comes to Animations and Hollywood special effects you would laugh if I told you that a Pakistani home grown company with Islamic values is doing such a fantastic job and is well known in the halls of Warner Brothers, board rooms of Miramax & and coffee table talk in the parking lots of Pixar!  

You should actually check out ICE Animations and see their work…  You might just want to give up your boring job behind the desk at the bank and join Asif Bhai in a world of really special effects and a reality that one can only consider an unheard of dream in Pakistan if you are considering Animations or Special effects as a career!   

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