Sunday, May 4, 2014


XANDERS – 2nd Review

If you live on the right side of the bridge in Karachi and you are between the age of 26 and 40 you will relate to the following statement somehow and in someway regrettably agree with me in the back of your mind yet not have the courage to voice it openly because society would condemn you like me and you are too scared to NOT be politically correct! The statement that I would like to make is that “ if mommy or daddy made 20 crores a month and lived on cash then as this generation that inherited the success and status in my eyes you have achieved nothing because with that inheritance and support you made 10 lacs a year, however, if you had nothing and for the past two decades attained success by working smart, not compromising on quality and always delivered your own personal interest into what you did and rose out from behind the shadows of your family legacy to obtain an identity for yourself then you MUST be Sikander or better known to you sorry social climbing lot as “Xander”!

Very rarely do I write another review on a business specially a food joint because before the Flo of life was good I had a restaurant in DHA when everyone only knew about getting caked Alaska’s out of a Copper Kettle or drowning their Blues in a Café!  However I visited Xanders yesterday and yes the usual yuppie wannabe chicks lot was there some of whom I was able to identify behind the makeup and in front of the politically correct smiles along with their metrosexual cheeseburger wannabe male escorts who relied completely upon hardened plastic to hold up their rubbery waxed manhoods and keep their perfectly threaded eyebrows in line!  Forget my take on cheeseburgers because this is about Xanders!
A lot of you do not know Sikander like me.  I go back 27 years to the day when I knew Sikander to be someone who was a brilliant student and the innocent younger brother of a friend who in my confused times was like a sister to me.   As a teenager I went through a very confusing time because society had just discovered that mobiles phone could be bought by anyone with cash, internet was something that was yet to come and Burgers were uncomfortable that the Eagle Squad did nothing about the riff raff that crossed the bridge to come to Sagar Video Games! At this time we as a society also inherited the ability to lie very well to ourselves that life would be ok and that the class system would never end (just like the British did to themselves before 1947) in 1987 I went away and lost touch with my close friend who’s mother doted over Sikander because actually he was a very decent chap that was very hard not to adore!
Now after so many years that image of innocence that I had in my head still remains the same because when you visit Xanders what they deliver cannot be found in most eateries!  Forget status symbols and forget a lavish ambience Sikander is one person who has stuck to his core principles of honesty by ensuring that you the guest (not customer) get fantastic service and always struggles to fight for the quality in the food that you get served!  Sometime ago When Xanders started I assumed that Mommy ran Flo so this was a one hit wonder!  However I am so glad to be wrong, because when one over a period of time visits Xanders they can be pleasantly surprised that the people there are not only there because it’s an “in” joint rather the quality is a fantastic experience!  I am the toughest customer that can be pleased!  Why? Because I have dined all over the world in 5 continents at places that one can only imagine would grant them a number on a six month long waiting list so I know quality!  I am impatient, quick to judge, obnoxious enough to point out what’s wrong and always demand that if you serve me a steak the forget the sauce you need to know how to buy the correct cut of meat and for what etc.and know that steak is NOT fried also you critics need to realize that steak does NOT come in a politically Pakistani chicken version!  I am overweight because I like food however am not a chef but I know quality when I see it!  
This was my fourth visit to Xanders since they opened their doors and what impressed me immensely that over the period of time since it has existed the venue has always looked welcomingly clean.  Most restaurants start off with a fantastic impression but over a period of time the owners stop focusing on the quality and the place looks badly maintained!   One can tell the honest hard work with extremely well thought out smart planning that shows its self when you dine there!  I find it weird that when people review a restaurant or a bistro they talk about a particular dish which is ridiculous or the food because to each person the experience is different.  Someone might want more salt and a few people would love to have a little more chilli no matter what a restaurant does it can never please an entire table of 12 because of their varying pallet differences!  So when you judge a restaurant please ensure that you focus upon your entire experience rather than a dish because that would not be fair!  
This was a very tough review to write because I forced myself to be critically objective!  I would like to recommend that the establishment invest in chiller fans that cool the air with water as this summer will be frightfully toasty and everyone smokes near the pizza oven!  Just imagine walking in and seeing a few aunties wiping a salon off their dripping brows trying to climb a Light Dunhill Menthol! 

On a closing note I know where I will be heading to now for food because one does not need to be on their guard when it comes to Xanders as I guess one can understand that when it comes to quality Sikander will ensure you do not get any unpleasant surprises!

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