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One of the best ways to get your frustration out is to talk about it but none of do so to the full extent because we do not want to show a weak side to anyone and we are terrified of being judged even more by those who love us!  Also in times of trouble some of us question if God really likes us and some of us after ignoring him take to the prayer mat!  Today a 10 day ordeal (nightmare has hopefully ended and I would like to tell you about it so that I get it off my chest!

Ten days ago I tried to help a few friends and in doing so invited trouble into my own life!  Someone I knew told a friend who was his uncle that I had had his place raided at night by the army!  The next day I was stopped by a few people and after a couple of phone calls that issue was sorted! That person whom I had not spoken to for over six months started the ball rolling… Everyday this guy kept hammering me emotionally and I kept my peace!  Somehow I got so consumed in my own hate that I started focusing on him which I should not have done.  The irritation value affected my ability to work and give time to what I do!

In turn I had mysterious problems at the ports.  When that got over one rider was held up at gunpoint and was robbed off 2 macbook pros, 2 iphones (latest) ones and stuff worth 9 lacs!  Then to make matters worse my wife got very unwell in her expecting state out of stress and we wound up in the hospital.

The next day we got hit with a huge penalty via the government (which was justified as a policy had changed) so that cost me another 650,000 + Then we got a call at 130am from my mother in law that my father in law had problems breathing and had a pin in his left arm.  Again that messed up my wife and we got home at 530 in the morning.  The next day my mother in law 70+ years had a health episode out of stress.  After that we wound up visiting Ziauddin again because the wife had a violent reaction to all this!

The next day I got to work to get a call from my cousin that I needed to prepare my father that his siblings have decided to stop the ventilator that my Phupi was on as her organs were failing and she was in too much pain.  I rushed home briefed him about that and was sitting with him when I found out that in a shipment of 24 laptops 3 boxes had bricks in them!  When I came back from the warehouse I sat with my father and my cousin called him and asked his permission to end my Phupis suffering so I did not sleep that night either.

The next day they did not pull the plug as the whole family had not arrived...  So we were stressed and tense...  Then we got news that she had passed away in her sleep and again stress hit the roof!

After that the next day this attention seeking monster again ruined my life by causing nuisance value for the family I went off on a tangent of hate!  I was calmed down yet again to find out that the bank had messed up in paying two cheques that bounced due to a clerical error, so my hawala got hawala’d .  On Monday I forgot my pain dealt with my wife and handled the stress and after getting a lecture from two dear people at the club picked up two payments tried to work and closed two deals related to HR only to find out that TWO riders had gone missing!  To make matters worse this attention seeking cretin got my mothers number and told her I was hunting people down in the city with my guards and robbing people and selling their mobile phones? Also he told my mother via his wife things I cannot repeat!

Somehow the dark clouds started disappearing last night as a friend came over and wanted to help me in my computers business “because I was a professional and honest person”.  This was the higest form of respect given to me ever and I was humbled before God!

Today I found my boys (they were robbed) thrashed and we got all our stuff back (yeah right) another loss of 11.2 lacs.  Then when I sorted that matter out I found out a huge cheque had bounced and everything is on zabaan.  Then I got a phone call from an Afghani sim and the person knew who I was and was telling me what I was doing and wanted 4 crores or he would kill me and my family!  I speak pushto so we had a conversation and I knew he was watching me! I was so frustrated that I told him to take aim and put me out of my misery and hung up! I called 9 people and sent 11 SMS messages to borrow the money and frantically got 6.3 lacs to keep out of jail and found out who really trusted me!  Three people only!   The rest of the lot gave me excuses but I could not care!  Now I know when to come to their help when the need me!   I took half the money went to see my companions and told them that I was sorry and if they wanted I would go to the thana.

They took me out to the back and said they would thrash me NOT because the check was returned from my client but because I had borrowed the money.  They had known that the cheque had bounced because one of the signatures was washed out and it was not returned due to Non sufficient funds.  Then I was told I can go home and pay them whenever I wanted!  They told me in Pushto that my word was my bond and if I gave my word it was like writing a cheque (again I was humbled before God!)  Now I reach home an hour ago to find someone who I work with show up at my gate and give me a hospital bill of 17800 ruppees for the two riders.  

I don’t know when it will end but I know there is a God and I have been told I get my containers that were stuck tomorrow!  Seriously what a past ten days what a reality check!  I was able to understand who stood behind me and what the price of a friendship is!  I thank God for what has happened because I realize the price of every relationship.  I learnt that many friendships are a one sided love affair.  I saw the reality of the courage within man!  I witnessed the wisdom of a supposed big brother who always is very hard on me yet kind to the world.  In these ten days I have been so alone and so poor.

Today I can proudly count all my friends on the fingers of one hand and I know that the day I have to go they will come to my funeral for me and not the free food!  Today I am the richest man in the world because of you five!  You know who you are and I am always there for you!  

Today I say WTF?  Bring it on! And yes I do strongly more than ever believe in God in my own way!

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