Monday, May 26, 2014


Us Pakistanis whether you like it or not have always had a fetish for something or the other across the border!  If it was not a Bachan or a Khan then it had to be our love for the hate we want to feel that will take us back to the feelings between the two nation’s months before 14th August 1947 as we send off our soldiers on to the battle field all padded up to play 50 overs!  We stop our lives and froth at the mouth as our knights get slayed by a little red ball and we swell with pride when the eleven sons of our soil smash any attack over the boundary we hold so dear! However no matter what happens once the last man has run out and the crowd either side goes wild we know we sadly have to resume our dull lives as the game is over!
The Indian media has heavily affected us in many ways!  The subliminal propaganda has inspired our women to cross boundaries never like before and explore the possibility of freedom and our youth the courage to find identities in something close to home! 
In the past two weeks I somehow wound up watching two movies Mein Tera Hero Hoon & Heropanti!  If one is to define the cinematic experience one knows that us South Asians live for drama so both the films delivered what Bollywood always promises!  Here are a few observation on the entire trend that is now an uncomfortable reality for the likes of Karan Johar and any other brand name actor or actress out there who is a geriatric!  By the way any actor who was in a film over 12 months ago and has been in the industry for over Five years is a geriatric!
One realizes that when you watch a Hindi flick today there are a few things one should find normal!  Such as the fact that the Hero will have a six pack and chiseled body that will shine more than a model on a catwalk and that his chest wax job would be more expensive than the opposing female lead role!  
Oh yes since we are talking bodies then it is to be taken for normal that the male leads pectorals will be  more rounded formed and firmer than the chick he will slobber all over in the gratuitous trying to be a virgin like first kiss scene! 
The rest of the legends have found themselves space in Madame Tussads in London and are trying to retire gracefully with roles that befit their age or whatever bone the producers throw at them in the form of a side role offer! 

The internet, mobile and cable TV revolution has created a demand for new faces all the time and is forcing the kings and queens of the Silver Screen to abdicate their thrones and take up an office in the likes of sit coms and other TV productions!   Where this is going one does not know BUT the Indian film industry which is the largest as far as investment goes is now heavily commercialized with product placements and more money than the economy of the richest man on earth! 
The game has changed and the induction of new blood is a welcome site for sore eyes that got tired of seeing what Bollywood vomited out as stereotypical type caste movies!  I mean an Akshay Kumar film was always a given that there would be nonsensical melodramatic action comedy, where by a Shahrukh cinematic experience was explosive with Shahrukh presenting himself as the cunning good guy who has that uncomfortable side of evil to it!
Last but not least an Amir Khan film was and is a surprise because he always does one or two movies that have a sense of finesse to them with some kind of public service message!  Oh yes Salman khan is struggling to hold onto his rebuffed and cosmetically enhanced Good guy who gets beaten up and then kicks butt image!
This spillover has forced our own conservative clergy to think about upping their game and the Pakistani censor board is now guffawing and looking the other way where at one time they would scream blasphemy on our local productions if an actor hugged an actress in a father and daughter scene in any Pakistani Production!
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