Saturday, May 24, 2014

DP restores your VIRGINITY!

DP restores your VIRGINITY!
To all of you kinky schmucks who love red tube “DP restores your VIRGINITY” would mean something very inviting but no there are no sexual connotations in this blog post!  Everything has its limits and this was a test of patience in the truest of forms!   I have known AC for ages (about 24 years) he was and always has been an obsessive compulsive freak!  Adnaan Chaudhary has been a very different sort of chap!  Whatever he has done he has done very very VERY well!  He was a tuition teacher who gave Anoo a run for his money!   Annnnnnd now he cleans cars!  Haan Gari dhota hai!  Sachi!  Seriously this guy cleans cars and unlike the guy walking down I. I. Chundrigar, with a bucket full of sewerage water and a rag full of his snot Adnaan has perfected the art of cleaning your car to the point that the nice “NEW” car smell comes back to it giving you a boner like you got when you first got it!  So in actuality he is a lean (Not so fat anymore) mean car cleaning s*x machine!
Ok how did I test his patience!  Well I f*cked up BIIIIIIIG time I pride myself on delivering on time and only work on advances so I delayed delivering a crucial state of ther art machine he needed for his work because I went through let’s see fourteen days of… (oh wait not your or his problem!)  seriously I tested his patience like Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaad! But he never freaked out!  So I hopped over one day and delivered his computer!  When I walked in I saw in front of me at least fuve Hotttttt bitches ( I get a boner from cars!) An Audi something 2014, A Porsche 2013 something, a hot 2014 lexus something and a hot land cruiser something basically he had over 8 crores of state of the art machinery that spelt S E X in his work area and forget the boner I had cummed!   Then on Sunday I popped over and saw…. Never mind you get the point….   Yaar being at this guys place is like evry tuchas dream come true on a cd 70 from Nazimabad and I was one of them!
Honestly I flipped out when I saw how carefully his guys tore apart a car from bumper to the dashboard only to clean where you would not think to do so… in the USA people break the entire car down and if I had enough memory I would have recorded it but shit man this was serious!   I mean its onething to go to your mechanic and have him change the oil and hit phase 8 but Adnaan sat and tore apart over a crores worth of machinery that looked hot and when they put the Porsche back I felt like I was looking at Vida Guerraa’s butt on the CNN beach review along with Nicole Scherzinger rack that screamed…. EAT ME NOW!
Dude seriously I have heard of restorations surgery for virginity…. (hehehe) but this guy knows his shit!  Uffffffff if you want your car brought back to factory condition or showroom condition YOU HAVE TO GO AND GET DP’d  (sadly that is a pun on words but you know what I mean!)   Yaar don’t take my word for it go and get oversexed as far as automobile restorations go!

AC I can’t wait for you to DP my baby to virginity! (errrrrrrr no kinky sexual reference intended!)  Oddly my buddy is also obssessed with the number 69! (hehehehe)
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Sorry i was late in giving your machine to you! 

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