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I am a sales guy so I hate marketing departments!  Personally I feel anyone who is in Marketing should be FIRED!  That entire vertical needs to be scrapped off the business organogram! Why?  Because these overweight, keyboard junkies have no intelligence other than “Text book experience” and hardly work for their paychecks!  The few brand name Marketing ****heads out there have actually done NOTHING!  They graduated from a brand name college and rode on the good will of foreign brands and before they even reached professional puberty they became the biggest corporate bullies who made everyone a Mamoo! If one were to as any of these guys to do a market visit I assure you they would only go where there was guaranteed air-conditioning and some schmuck who they could impress flashing the company visiting card! 

Oh yes the “Marketing” guys have ego’s and get compensated by the vendors in ways un-imaginable because Marketing is one vertical where everything is on here say and so many variables that transparency is non existent!  These chaps loooove to go for product shoots on international trips however and abuse the seats they sit on and sadly that is an industry norm!  

Today none of these brand name fools have the ability to deliver ANY marketing strategy where they can put their paycheck on the line for the strategy presented by them where it depicts that creating the market from that particular strategic market pull does not rely upon the ALREADY EXISTING PULL by the existing brand / company name’s goodwill where a certain ROI is guaranteed for that strategy!  The one and only time I ever saw that happen was in the Board room of Unilever where Ms. Musharraf Hai really made Surf Excel and then we all know what happened next!  For all you IBA & LUM’s graduates this should be a text book case that you NEED to study!

All the sales guys like me work hard and HAVE to deliver what these highly compensated idiots who do nothing (but ride on the work of interns and fresh meat) blurt out in a BORED room!  What they blab is what we have to deliver!  Finance departments can verify this! 

I tried to be a “Marketing guy” I applied at many companies and got rejected!  Why because I only had an o-levels which I barely passed (yup still the same today… No college degree!)   Every company I approached nationwide rejected me.  So I had to feed myself and became a sales guy!  For years the business world used me as toilet paper!  BUT I always delivered!  At that time I was desperate for a job to fit in…  ANY JOB eventually I became numb and stopped trying to fit in and became happy! 

Now the funny thing is I am in DEMAND because over 72 hours ago & till 5 minutes ago out of all those companies I applied to that rejected me for entry level positions 5 of them have offered me three letter C _ _ strategy positions leading their own core teams because “I can make a difference” (from what the last CEO said) with unheard of benefits.  I declined politely for the same reason they gave me over the years…  I don’t have a college degree so it will be a violation of SECP rules and regulations!

One should always humbly remember…  That ONE is always in DEMAND to one’s own self-respect and integrity and before you try living in a world of success try understanding failure!  Please do see this video - U might just agree with me!  

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  1. This is fantastic write up (blog); about the degrees and marketers. There are number of marketing executives in MNCs who are just drawing their salaries with befooling and doing DE-MARKETING, of course without understanding the marketing.