Saturday, May 17, 2014


(How honest is your Social Media Agency when it comes to Liking your wallet!)

There was a time when you as a Marketing Head sat down and worked plans out with an Advertising Agency!  You stuck to TV, Radio, Print & Billboards. Along came the internet which led to Mobile Platforms and all of a sudden your smooth pre planned media buying and budgeting went chaotic!

Like in the 80’s every street corner had a Banker, a Doctor and a Lawyer, then in the 90’s we had your IT experts walking the curb then when the Y2K bug hit we were befuddled by bored aunties turned designers (darzans) today we find every confused youth selling social media solutions (even me)!  However us Pakistani’s have a flare for lapping up anything anyone with a snooty attitude and an iPad sells so we believe everything the so called alternative cool fraudster tells us! 

Let’s get one thing straight!  I am not trying to bash any social media agency out there BUT all I am asking you to do is ask yourself as to how educated you really are BEFORE you give you company’s hard earned money away and yet do not get the desired results you wish for thus wind up looking for work your self-selling the short con in the form a social media solution!  Here is a video that will help you understand what a million likes really mean!
This video will give you an insight into what really happens and if Facebook is really that honest.  I found the video oddly on Facebook and it does appeal to your common sense!  You might want to audit the business relationship with your existing social media agency and even set up stronger checks and balances!  Whatever you decide to do for the betterment of your business I am sure this video will make you think differently!

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