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DISCLAIMER! – I do NOT work for Telenor, I am NOT a paid employee of the said company & in NO way am I getting any form of benefit (financially or otherwise) from this Blog Post!  I have written this because it actually is the truth and common sense explained in simple terms to the average NOT so tech savvy Pakistani Munda!   

Do you get REAL 3G Services in Pakistan?  NO!  See that answer was simple BUT here are the reasons why?

In Pakistan the Telco Industry is a volatile sea of frustration.  It relies upon many factors to give you seamless point to point communications and every cellular and data provider is so capable BUT the fact of the matter is that the socio economic and political conditions are NOT conducive at all for them to make a buck!

One might feel that the Telco’s are bad boys who bully the government and the media with what hammering they do and the billions they splash everywhere but the sad reality is that each and every Telco today is struggling to get a consistent ROI and is sadly not able to pay its bills even at times due to the situations that present themselves to these giants who have invested here in Pakistan!

We all jumped and tooted horns when 3G was launched!  Oddly enough (this is actually true) one of my close friends from the Tech world had a child the day this was launched!  Guess what?  That day he only posted Screenshots from his iPhone rather than pictures of the Baby on Facebook!  

Now if you all have settled down and are used to 3G you can never bear the slow speed again of edge because as a passive cellular speed junkie the frustration value would kill you to have to wait 10 minutes to download and e-mail and you would curse the day you said bye bye to your cloud or wingle!

3G services in Pakistan are NOT actual 3G services!  There are many reasons for this BUT one of the main reasons is that there are so many dead spots in the country that it’s NOT funny!  Being liberal is very politically correct but our government is anything but that and has not allowed cellular connections in many areas of the country!

The Telco’s have been held for so long at gunpoint that ONLY one of them decided to chance it and took a risk and invested in the country even further when 3G was only and idea and over two years ago started a planned gradual upgrade of all its systems to be compliant for an indefinite launch…  over this time it also slowly through higher rates on Value Added Services lost a lot of corporate business and focused on Prepaid margins to try to recover their investment cost so that when launched they would be very competitive on every front specially pricing!  

This Brave Service Provider was Telenor!  Yes I am a subscriber to the company for many years and have my own issues with them but the truth of the matter is that today the data bundle deals offered by Telenor are probably the best value for money!

Every other cell provider can never fall short so it is a given that ALL of them are claiming 3G services with all kinds of exciting gimmicks BUT the fact of the matter is that to get an entire country 3G compliant takes time and Telenor foresaw that and is today the ONLY Telco that can deliver 83% (my own approximate) 3G coverage through the country (if you include small towns and NOT only the three metropolis’s)   Most of the other Telco’s are in a huge fix because now that they are all in a race to compete with everyone they are buying up technical staff and equipment like nothing!

Another thing to look at is that due to their core infrastructure already being upgraded their data streaming is well tested and burstable to handle large volumes of traffic at par!  Another smart that Telenor made was to go for a 3G and NOT a 4G license because since they now do not have to pay back that exorbitant amount they have the funds to be able to maintain the network they have!

For the end user one should go back to the days when ISP’s opened up and everyone was wowed by the 9600bps connection speed!  Along came democracy and when the whole world focused on quantity NOT quality a new job description was added to the ISP organogram “Tech Support”.   Today people are getting comfortable with the freedom allowed to them with Face Time and Skype whilst on the move!  There are lags and dead patches but at the end of the day Telenor’s network seems to have the least of them all!

When you consider your mobile data plan you not only need to look at the cheapest rate out there… you should consider the fact that who has the strongest hardware and the best experience to deliver what they promise!  When it comes to cellular or mobile data it is best to pay a slightly higher rate which comes out cheaper in the long run when you consider what you might have to lose in case it fails you!

Pakistan is a country where the awaam falls for immediate package bundle quick deals and forgets to focus on the bigger picture!  This post was not written for the awaam it was written for you the "Metrosexual User" who loves to take a bigger bit out of his or her Apple and maybe enjoy connectivity on a different Galaxy!

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