Thursday, May 15, 2014


Today everyone thinks advertising is extremely expensive!  That is true only if you get suckered in by a dishonest agency who whilst presenting is only focused on their 15% markup so your increasing ad spend is what they focus on.  Certain business verticals like Telco’s Mobile phone companies are forced to buy up all the media time because they need to feed their addiction to Hammering!  However what is suggested below can help cut down ones marketing spend significantly and help control your cogs in a very effective way!  

Companies should seriously go hardcore on making video adverts (not TVC’s) and staying off the main stream TV channels.  All products / services are actually fantastic that the world produces and have a lot of salient features that people do not know about.  On the other side they also have terrible flaws that show up on social media as well…  Now all marketing heads know better what the tax benefits and better rates one gets for PSM’s & Health advisories are so why not consider this!

3G coming into our lives has drained our batteries destroyed what time we had as we must feed that addiction to remain connected freaked out finance departments with obnoxious revised billing for data etc. But the fact is that the good side to 3G is that we can now share those videos of Meera everywhere (like on googles) on platforms like Skype / Viber & Whatsapp and giggle to our selves that our parents on Facebook will not frown as to why we did so!  This helps like mad!

So if you are any company or service provider and want to cut your costs down then why not use & feed the addiction value from people go get better mileage by doing the following!  Whatever your brand or product is this off the cuff concept can help you!
1.      You get a hold of anyone with a DSLR and a lappy  
2.      Your ads should be focused on the health & safety benefits of using your products to the MOM’s
3.      ALL your video advertising should be informative and made with a linking to health issues (concerning the current time)
4.      There should be brand / product identification as an endorsement of the health service message for brand recall
5.      The message needs to be 40 seconds and funny so people giggle and smile
6.      All video formats need to be compressed in high resolution small files and then compressed for mobile sharing in med resolution max (1.6mb) and then these videos should be shared via social media and mobile platforms like skype whatsapp and viber
7.      Everything needs to be uploaded onto multiple social media sites and back linked etc.

That is it!

Another suggestion is that one of the best ways to quietly sell Black Betty (for example) would be to go to girls colleges that are local and have competitions related to the products in the college.

Now boys loooove to follow girls so when someone wins there should be no hoo haa from YOU for marketing only an endorsement of a one semester scholarship.  The girls to get that scholarship MUST take videos and pictures of the event and upload all of them on social media and join your Facebook page. Whoever gets the most shares can win a week’s supply of your products or services and be endorsed for further benefits of being brand ambassadors in their mohallas.  I have done this for PTI and also Dalda’s Cook Book but I did it through an entire technical team when I was at Kalsoft (Talent Idols) and that too only on social media 2 years ago. 
Now with 3G being the game changer this also helps again if one can compress the videos and brand them and share them via whatsapp / Skype and viber.
After computers 3g mobile platforms are the best form of getting a message across!  So why not try this idea in the next quarter and see the efficiency of such a service.  Your own telco (corporate account) would love the extra money they get and guess what we can sell them the handsets as well if you are a bank.

Marketing heads will think about this!  Advertising companies will hate this idea and Media Buying Houses will try to go “MMM… how does one buy up time on whatsapp?”  Now that the world is addicted to faster speed it will never go back so might as well take advantage of this!

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