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We have grown accustomed to buying the newest, latest & fastest gadgets that come out in the market.  Be it on a credit card, cash or via purchase order we MUST have what the tech industry throws at us because we are addicts that must mainline extremely quick and responsive gadgets to keep us connected with the rest of the world.  Yesterday’s iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy S4 seem like an old Casio calculator running on CNG as the global community has a demand for instant responses and on the fly multimedia requirements in order that we may survive in our professional and personal lives!

This new Technology is expensive and if we consider our expenses over the past year we would see that we have spent a significant sum of money for something that has 30% of its purchase value today and is defunct because something shinier, faster and more efficient has come out!  In this blog post I will explain to you how to get the latest, cheapest gadgets from us at Hardware Xchange at prices that are unheard of.  Those of you who are our customers and patrons know that it’s not rocket science once we explain it to you in numbers.  

Ok so first let’s begin with a common sense fact which is that ALL consumer electronics are covered under a standard “manufacturer’s warranty” of 12 months which is mandatory according to international branding guidelines! Second now the cost break down of say for example a Samsung Galaxy S5 & an iPhone 5S 16GB is as follows!


4 TO 6,000
4 TO 8,000
8 TO 12,000
4 TO 6,500
10 TO 12,000

The model above applies to a minimum quantity of 2.500 units imported!

NOW DO OUR PRICES MAKE SENSE – We only pass on our costs along with the duty paid to you! Because we have an excellent form of sourcing products and we play in huge quantities where the investment is in the form of many zero’s so we are able to give you rates that would knock your socks off!

Also remember these points before you buy anything from anyone!
  1. When your mobile wala or computer wala give you rates and complain that they are only making 500 rupees it’s all crap because one cannot survive on 500 rupees profit alone and these guys are not working for a charity! Just to run a counter in Karachi’s Saddar Market it costs you about 80 – 100 K and I am not talking about a shop because that costs more! I will break it up for you anyways and give you the running costs NOT setup costs of a counter in Saddar Karachi. All costs given are in averages – Rent 20K - Bijli 15K – Phone line with Wi-Fi – 5K – Sales Boys Salary (not Commission) 15K – Scooter Riders Salary (not Commission) 15K – Security or Na Maloom Afraad Protection – 10K  then add your cold drinks and food and your petrol and you have a 100K expenses to run a counter.  All stock comes on credit against a security deposit which is a rolling game so do not count that in!
  2. Warranties are NEVER honored in Pakistan as you always wind up paying for them in some way or another because conveniently your toaster, fridge or laptop gets some problem that is not covered in the warranty and retailers make more money when you bring stuff back to them because you trust them to fix it!  I know because I work with warranty centers nationwide and I have seen people suffer in the form of high charges for repairs and more over data loss and even more over time as their required tool becomes defunct for that indefinite period of time! 
At HX because we are importers we ask you to NOT be so impulsive in your buying and plan your tech purchases out!  If you remember this philosophy that you cannot be half pregnant or half a virgin then also you must be aware that when you drive your zero meter corolla off the lot, the minute you leave the lot its worth 68 – 72% of what you paid for it! The same applies to consumer electronics! 
Ensure you do solid research on your products and know exactly what specs that you require to suit your needs and then plan it out.  We always tell our clients “Rate Humara – Time Aap Ka! Ya To Phir, Rate Aap Ka Time Hamara!” all our old corporate clients allow us to fight with them for equipment that has good re-sale and suggest alternatives that will suit their need perfectly! Also we buy back what old stock they would have and replace it at the differential cost that makes them happy thus allowing them to keep their COGS down and not affecting their business!  Please also remember what mac will work for your buddy might NOT be the right choice for your needs!  You have 5 fingers and all of them are different so be aware of this!

With us we hot swap any faulty tech item within 48 hours with the same exact machine and ensure that our clients never suffer as far as time loss is concerned.  All we ask is that you be patient and allow us to work with you professionally and plan your technology Hardware requirements with us!  Companies bleed because of poor planning and primarily it used to be from their automobile fleet divisions, Today they bleed from ill-advised purchases made by the IT department by guys who have their own “settings” and when you balance the books this cost become huge at the end of the fiscal year! 
I would like to ask you to NOT buy from us only take a quote! If what we say makes sense then give us an official purchase order and our Khancha will come in the form of your trust and the value of the relationship you will establish with us!  Whatever you do – please compare our rates with the exact specs that market will offer you!

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Disclaimer! - The opinions I post are my own and I do not intend to hurt or offend you!  If you cannot allow me my freedom of thought then you have the right to voice an opinion and navigate away on the web.  If you follow my blog I thank you as it’s quite ridiculously entertaining...that is if you like what & how I write!

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