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Nobody can ever understand the pain, humiliation, anger, resentment and turmoil that a rape victim has gone through unless they themselves have been a victim at some point or the other.  Ok! That got your attention so on a lighter note when someone meets you in public dressed in an Asim Jofa Jora carrying a Louis Viton Bag, wearing 6 inch Gucci Stilettos and tells you that they feel terrible that you lost your job and are “socially sympathetic” you really do not care, rather deep down resent them at some point or the other…
I have been lucky to have lived abroad and am extremely lucky to have been a resident of each of the four provinces that matter.  In fact I have also spent a significant amount of time near the border in “Not” so Azad Kashmir!  In my travels all over the country and especially all over the world I found many similarities amongst the Balochi’s, Pushtoons, Punjabis & Sindhis!   No point in going over them all as you know what every citizen is complaining about.  But however, one thing that really tickles my noodle is that in every social circle big or small, urban or rural, suburban or professional there is always that element of society where we are hypocritically critical of any and everything around us and like to meddle in matters that do not concern us!
Common sense prevails and tells us that it takes two hands to clap but we ignore the grey matter within our minds and always go with our heart getting ourselves into trouble many times repeating the same mistakes because we are narcissistic suckers who love being loathed over as victims.  There are those who can hack it here and continue to prove that they have faith in God because living in this country seriously makes everyone question that If the majority of us are praying five times a day then Allah must surely be merciful and actually listening to the 180 million plus sinners.  This is because no matter what you do or say as a nation that has so much in the form of natural resources and attributes one has to agree with the philosophy that our country is running on prayers as it is remarkable how Pakistan can keep running due to all the internal commotion that goes on constantly. 
The average Pakistani citizen has become very thick skinned and can inwardly digest any form of torture and pain thrown at us from the west in the form of sanctions and irrespective of what the world thinks this generation has one great ability and this to use the middle finger emotionally and not give a f*ck!   Today Pakistan is a monster that cannot be controlled because it has the ability to morph and change loyalties, ideals and values within the click of a facebook like!  What the western intelligence agencies thought they could breed as a loyal bunch of Alsatians has evolved into a blood thirsty pack of pit bulls in every facet beyond their wildest imagination!
The funny thing is that even though we are torn apart in every direction and our elected few are out to make a buck in their short tenure there is one element that scares the west and that is you can take a man out of Pakistan but you cannot take Pakistan out of the man!  Most of us who have the chance or have had the ability to leave the soil for a better life (today this number is in millions) never give up one thing and that is our stubbornness to never disown Pakistan.  There is a saying “rozi, roti upar wala deyta hai” (your bread and livelihood is provided by God) so going upon this I can assure you that irrespective of what the business vertical known as NGO’s may declare as suffering in the form of a picture to get a big wad of cash from the ADB or World Bank, not one soul in this country goes hungry!

If you wish to challenge me then the next time you stand at a traffic light in any metropolis hold up a 1,000 rupee note in your hand ask the woman that is carrying a sleeping baby and begging to wake up the child in before the light changes!  If the child awakens within seconds then give her the money and get reimbursed from me.  If not then understand that the baby was on rent for the day and when it awakens in its mothers arms at night from its heavily drugged out state then it will be fed properly to survive another day of sleep whilst its mother works as a Maasi in someone’s home!
If one were to consider the amount of international cash flow movement one would realize that over seas Pakistani's remit back a staggering amount irrespective of the fact that they are legally there in their foreign abodes or hiding from the INS.  Pakistan should give immense tax benefits to those who live abroad and encourage them to remit back home as much as they want and allow the same to the families that get them here.  There is no point in trying to get mobile cash because we all know that there is no easy paisa only hard earned money! If the government wants to encourage foreign exchange coming into the country then it needs to give up on trying to milk its under fed 180+ million dead dried up cows and allow the USDA approved bulls to send home some prime T-bone steaks!  This on its own would offset our own foreign exchange cash float that we declare through the state bank!
Every Pakistani feels all the emotions as mentioned when I started writing this blog because I am every Pakistani and I feel the same way!  We as a nation have the most fights over “izzat” and yet we choose to lower our self-respect down to the gutters when it comes to handing out begging bowls!  As a nation we boast piety yet by our actions we scream out to the world that we are there for a price… any price!  Why have we sold our souls to those who really do not care about us!  It is extremely ridiculous that we are paraded in the international press as whipping posts that will drag away an form of attention that the west wants to divert away from its own internal issues.
Man has always had one addiction and that if for power.  This sin of greed for power has lead to many nations suffering and many people dying for causes they truly did not know.  Today your wars are not fought over land they are fought over information (technology) & fuels to keep the tech world going.  This thirst is something that every Pakistani is addicted to because the average Pakistani is very ambitious!  If Pakistan could control its energy problem honestly and contain its resources and utilize them properly the politicians need to realize that they would not need to collect more dollars against a constantly weakening rupee because if the rupee appreciated they would be better off than any other nation in the world with the current status of their existing offshore accounts! 
If this nation is named as Pak (pure) istan (land) ane we agree that it is running on Gods will then we should open our eyes and see that we have it all.  Hydro, Nuclear, Wind & Solar energy that will never end.  We have the sweltering heat of Baluchistan and Thar that is perfect for huge solar fields as well the best wind channels that can drive gigawatts not mega of power if utilized properly!   If we believe that Allah loves this nation then we must agree that he has given it everything! The only problem is that as an entire nation we are spending more time in looking for gold in false western promises and selling of our resources and souls for a green card!
I learnt one thing being a salesman, it’s good to be inspired by an ideology or some personality but one should focus on the here and the now with respect to themselves and honestly work forward on that as that does ensure success.  We are too busy forming new western loan funded political parties that will out do the old ones when we should be focusing on strengthening the rupee and forget about the dollar loans we get promised!
We all believe that Allah has blessed us with a lot of bounty and is watching over us!  If we do not listen to him and keep taking him and his given resources for granted there will come a time when we will abandon him in our obsession for political narcissism and that will be the saddest day as we would have sold our souls to God only knows what!

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