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There is so much negativity about us Pakistani's that I thought that I should write down 20 points of why it is good to befriend a Pakistani!  If you are a Pakistani then you will feel what I have to say from the heart!

1. A normal friend never asks you for food. A Pakistani  Frand is the reason your fridge is empty!

2. A normal friend asks, “How are you doing?” when he sees you. A Pakistani  Frand hugs and kisses you, saying “BC, you son of a bitch, you look so amazing!”

3. A normal friend may not have seen you cry. A Pakistani Frand has cried with you a dozen times and stood with you when the world left you alone!

4. A normal friend sends you flowers and a card when you’re at the hospital. A Pakistani Frand  goes to see you and falls asleep on a chair next to your bed.

5. A normal friend will borrow something and give it back to you in a couple of days. A Pakistani  Frand borrows something and forgets in a week that it doesn’t belong to him. He will never return it and you will never ask for it. Incase you do he will say WTF BC?

6. A normal friend offers you their couch to sleep on. A Pakistani  Frand gives you their bed while they sleep on the floor next to you, keeping you up all night talking.

7. A normal friend knows some stuff about you. A Pakistani  Frand could write a book with all the things you have told them or seen you do and you could go to jail for half of them.

8. A normal friend brings you store-bought medicine when you’re sick. A Pakistani  Frand makes chicken soup and brings all the homemade remedies their grandmother taught them and somehow has an aunty come over and papmer you.

9. A normal friend knocks at your door. A Pakistani  Frand opens the door walks in opens the fridge grabs some food walks into the bathroom whilst your are in the shower and screams happily, “ BC I’m here! WTF! Why arent you ready?”

10. A normal friend asks if you could please make her coffee. A Pakistani  Frand goes straight to the kitchen, helping themself to the coffeemaker and baileys whilst also asking your neighbor for sugar if you don’t have any.
11. A normal friend plans a visit a week ahead of time and asks for a confirmation. A Pakistani  Frand calls anytime and says, “I’ll start cooking in five minutes, bring the drinks!.”

12. When you visit a normal friend at his office, he introduces you using your first and last name. A Pakistani  Frand says, “Man, this dude is my bro we did some serious shit together.”

13. If you’re going through hard times, a normal friend tells you, “I didn’t call you before because I wanted to give you your space.” A Pakistani  Frand calls every hour saying, “BC, Kis ko uthwana hai!, let me know what you need. Fikar Na Kar”

14. A normal friend will refer you to a good lawyer & "try" to help you out. A Pakistani  Frand will spend the night in the thana with you and use every contact he has to make sure you don't get booked!  

15. A normal friend will accompany you on a double blind date if you are paying the bill. A Pakistani  Frand will definitely come on the bind date with you as a wing man and spend the entire date making sure he gets a Bhabi out of that evening!

16. A normal friend would be very polite to your parents. A Pakistani  Frand will make sure they are an adopted child in your house that is more loved than you and always drag you away when its time for a famous lecture!

17. A normal friend will pat your back in case you make a fool of your self . A Pakistani  Frand will take pictures of you in the toilet, make a video from his iPhone and upload it on Whatsapp and Vimeo and make fun of you for the next 3 years so that you do not do it again!

18. A normal friend will try to give you a suggestion that will sound logical. A Pakistani  Frand will always tell you to do what makes you happy and to fuck the world BC!  No matter what your choice is your Pakistani  Frand will always be by your side!

19. A normal friend could be a friend for some time. A Pakistani  Frand will be your friend for life even if you fight with them and they hate you and want to kill you, if you ask them for help all bets are off and the desi bro code kicks in!

20. A normal friend will ignore this post. A Pakistani  Frand or someone who has a Pakistani Frand will pass it along to all of his friends, because he is super proud of being  A Pakistani  Frand. 

I really hope that you are lucky enough to have "One" Pakistani that you c an call a "FRAND"!

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Disclaimer! - The opinions I post are my own and I do not intend to hurt or offend you!  If you cannot allow me my freedom of thought then you have the right to voice an opinion and navigate away on the web.  If you follow my blog I thank you as it’s quite ridiculously entertaining...that is if you like what & how I write! 

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